Introducing Axigen X1

Category: Product Releases
Published on March 09, 2017

Axigen X1 is a major step forward — it comes with big advancements in multiple areas. Below you can find the detailed change log, as well as a number of things you need to know when upgrading.

Features, Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Axigen Mail Server

New Features
[AXI-1000] SERVER CalDAV support
[AXI-1488] WEBMAIL HTML calendar events – support for viewing and composing cross-client compatible meetings with HTML body / description
[AXI-1466] WEBMAIL Redesigned and re-engineered Notes – HTML notes, Notes search, Notes sync with OS X & iOS, Changed view for the notes list (now with reading pane), In-place notes editing, Auto-refresh in the notes list
[AXI-0161] SERVER Improved search indexing – multiple search indexing improvements: changed default search indexing settings; Strip HTML markup from message canonical forms used for indexing; indices and canonical forms are rebuilt on upgrade
[AXI-1211] SERVER Extended Auto-discovery – auto discovery for SMTP, POP3, IMAP (Outlook schema supported clients & Thunderbird), ActiveSync, CalDAV & CardDAV; configurable from CLI, globally and at domain level
[AXI-1648] WEBMAIL Second reminder for calendar events – adds a second calendar reminder; offers the end-user the possibility to add display reminders or email reminders, or both.
[AXI-1343] WEBMAIL Email address objects – improved user experience and space usage when composing emails & events, when using the address book, as well as when sharing or opening other users' folders.
[AXI-1755] SERVER Container level auto-compacting jobs in server idle time – the auto-compacting job starts when the fragmentation level is higher than 40%
[AXI-1296] WEBMAIL More reading pane and view options – an additional compact view (more content) option for all lists, plus the "no reading pane" option for emails, notes & contacts

[AXI-1204] SERVER Internal filter that adds calendar organizer when missing
[AXI-1779] SERVER Deliver mailing lists spam into a Spam folder instead of the mailing list Inbox
[AXI-1748] SERVER Increase SHOW/UPLOAD SmtpFilters CLI commands limit (currently 128 KB)
[AXI-1812] SERVER Improve FUSE accounts list performance
[AXI-1088] SERVER, WEBADMIN, WEBMAIL Branding: Extend the brand elements with the favicons
[AXI-1853] SERVER, WEBADMIN, WEBMAIL Branding: Extend the brand elements with the WebMail login page logo
[AXI-1852] SERVER, WEBADMIN, WEBMAIL, STANDARD WEBMAIL Allow UTF-8 characters in Sieve Filters
[AXI-1054] SERVER, WEBMAIL Introduce translations for calendar & task iTip body snippets
[AXI-0430] WEBADMIN Introduce a configuration option allowing the Customer Reference field to be read only
[AXI-1004] WEBMAIL Open EML attachments
[AXI-1076] WEBMAIL Improve support for sending & viewing emails on behalf of other users
[AXI-0241] WEBMAIL Improve meeting invites sent to groups – remove the organizer and de-duplicate the attendees list (also taking into account the group members)
[AXI-1554] WEBMAIL Contacts: Introduce reading pane (default) & no reading pane views
[AXI-1553] WEBMAIL Eliminate the note delete confirmation when deleting a note from the list
[AXI-1453] WEBMAIL Improve the current AliasBook implementation to support searching and contact thumbnails
[AXI-1361] WEBMAIL Introduce the Vazir font on the Farsi language only (RTL – view & compose)
[AXI-1308][AXI-1331] WEBMAIL Enrich the active recipient tooltips – they now contain the avatar as well
[AXI-1317] WEBMAIL RTL: Show email addresses in the text-fields and auto-complete drop-downs in LTR format, but aligned to the right
[AXI-1260] WEBMAIL Improve setting the correct "From" address when sending / replying to emails not having the user's own email address(es) in the recipients list
[AXI-1190] WEBMAIL Always reload the folder TreeGrid on auto-refresh to get the updated folder list (including the new / changed folders)
[AXI-1134] WEBMAIL Mail (composer / editor): Introduce an 'Add Horizontal Line' editor option
[AXI-1096] WEBMAIL Undo: Apply undo to "Mark as spam" operations
[AXI-0956] WEBMAIL Mail (composer / editor): Transform two dashes into – and three dashes into —
[AXI-0883] WEBMAIL Settings (Filters): Show an indication of the drop position on filters reordering via drag-and-drop
[AXI-0363] WEBMAIL Tasks (List): Auto refresh the Tasks list
[AXI-0822] WEBMAIL Calendar item body: make URLs clickable
[AXI-1696] WEBMAIL Increase the email auto-complete drop-down limit to 5 entries instead of 3
[AXI-0348] WEBMAIL Settings: Style the window & section loader
[AXI-1267] WEBMAIL Deep linking: create a session-backed URL for external mailto links, that will directly open the composer
[AXI-1268] WEBMAIL Deep linking: Create a session backed URL for external links pointing to a specific email
[AXI-1751] WEBMAIL Format the addresses in the auto-complete drop-down in the same way as the ones in the From drop-down
[AXI-1768] WEBMAIL Improve Firefox font rendering (antialiasing) issues on Windows
[AXI-1805] WEBMAIL Extend the current reply logic exception in the 'Sent' folder to subfolders of Sent
[AXI-1808] WEBMAIL Add tooltip + localization for the settings icon in the sidebar menu

Bug Fixes
[AXI-0000] SERVER Fix memory leak scenario when dealing with ZIP streams
[AXI-1593] SERVER Start the Windows and Linux debug versions with level 12 by default, unless overwritten by start parameters
[AXI-1478] SERVER Avoid duplicating recipients added by SMTP filters addRcpt
[AXI-1741] SERVER Fix a memory leak when configuring account information from the Outlook Connector
[AXI-1742] SERVER Fix a couple of memory leaks in the TextDriver
[AXI-1576] SERVER SERVER Fix migration pool signal race condition
[AXI-1532] SERVER Fix issue causing a KAS crash when a message is auto-forwarded multiple times by using Axigen
[AXI-1526] SERVER [IMAP & POP3] Encode comma when QP encoding email headers
[AXI-1456] SERVER Fix race condition in case of cluster communication failure
[AXI-1455] SERVER Fix wasieve parsing error in a specific scenario
[AXI-1396] SERVER IMAP: Avoid setting IMAP special attributes for other user's folders
[AXI-1395] SERVER Fix issue in the LDIF generator
[AXI-1262] SERVER Fix issue resulting in log files not visible in specific scenario
[AXI-1257] SERVER Preserve the list of subscribed folders at upgrade from previous Axigen X versions
[AXI-1239] SERVER Fix abort when deleting an all-day event with attendees
[AXI-1661] SERVER Fix a bug in the Calendar API that caused errors in datetime values initialized from UTC datetimes
[AXI-1163] SERVER Fix ActiveSync error in contacts directory search on Win 10 Mail client when no results are returned
[AXI-0415] SERVER Change default settings for search indexing
[AXI-1161] SERVER [eM Client] Investigate & fix ActiveSync issue resulting in all emails being flagged in eM Client
[AXI-1081] SERVER Fix issue resulting in Axigen (Windows/x64) hang
[AXI-1625] SERVER Drastically improve BDAT and second Milter performance by using large buffers for sending email body
[AXI-1727] SERVER Fix WebMail generated leak occurring on upload attachment failure (size too big)
[AXI-1579] SERVER Strip HTML markup from message canonic form used for indexing
[AXI-1655] SERVER Fix incompatibility when interpreting a yearly RRULE that is missing BYMONTHDAY
[AXI-1204] SERVER Fix calendar UID property encoding in MSDN EncodedGlobalId form
[AXI-1491] SERVER Scale VCARD images when processing CardDAV requests
[AXI-1627] SERVER Add support for ATTENDEE property in VALARM components
[AXI-1636] SERVER Fix RPOP and migration failure when a UNIX host has support for IPv6 but no IPv6 network connectivity
[AXI-1635] SERVER disable subaddressing for special folders
[AXI-1573] SERVER Fixes a migration error when migrating from IMAP servers using the "." separator
[AXI-0256] SERVER Add support for VCALENDAR parameters X-NUM-GUESTS and FILENAME
[AXI-1511] SERVER Fix wrong authentication handling for CardDAV sessions in WebMail Proxy
[AXI-1312] SERVER Remove extra spaces from OpenLDAP search
[AXI-1261] SERVER Avoid sending iTIP messages to the organizer
[AXI-1253] SERVER Fix calendar lexer issue causing email values to be wrongly read from VCALENDAR items
[AXI-1335] SERVER Fix auto-migration failure for Google hosted domain
[AXI-1765] SERVER Fix WebMail hang scenario on
[AXI-1788] SERVER Fix storage leaking when an account is removed
[AXI-1870] SERVER Fix update of "Last Login Date" and "Last Login IP" when two ore more simultaneous sessions are authenticated for same account
[AXI-1557] SERVER, WEBMAIL Fix issue resulting in Google's DKIM signature being misrepresented as wrong in WebMail
[AXI-1258] WEBADMIN Fix technical support expiry date not displayed for specific license versions (Redmine #3404)
[AXI-1477] WEBADMIN Fix issues resulting in an error thrown (or success, but no member added) when adding a new group member
[AXI-1146] WEBADMIN Fix empty success message when deleting an extension in the attachment filtering basic view
[AXI-1065] WEBADMIN Clustering setup: Fix empty success messages when adding Front-end address and Back-end Address
[AXI-1051] WEBADMIN Fix wrong success messages when adding & deleting a virtual host
[AXI-1045] WEBADMIN SSL: Fix download for non existing files
[AXI-0641] WEBADMIN Fix non-working checkbox for 'Local network interface' SMTP-OUT configuration
[AXI-0375] WEBADMIN Groups (List): Fix issue resulting in Groups live search results also returning accounts
[AXI-1528] WEBADMIN Fix Global Blacklist matching wrong addresses
[AXI-1587] WEBADMIN Fix Out of Office (ASYNC_WM_VACATION) subsequent responses issue on every 7 days, 1 week
[AXI-1608] WEBADMIN Fix non-working WA redirect to secure login page
[AXI-1809] WEBADMIN Fix Account Defaults > ActiveSync sub-items not being grayed out when disabling the ActiveSync add-on
[AXI-1811] WEBADMIN Fix redirect http to https for WebMail on IPv6
[AXI-1339] WEBMAIL Fix contact dialog visuals on RTL
[AXI-1350] WEBMAIL Fix access logic for multiple level attachments
[AXI-1250] WEBMAIL Mail item: Fix issue not showing tooltips on email addresses for emails received from someone on behalf of someone else
[AXI-1131] WEBMAIL Fix Chrome & Safari antialiasing for sidebar fonts with lower opacity
[AXI-1390] WEBMAIL Fix emails sent from WebMail that contain attachments with UTF-18/BOM content
[AXI-1114] WEBMAIL Fix Chrome & Safari antialiasing for sidebar fonts with lower opacity
[AXI-1797] WEBMAIL Fix issue resulting in replacing the signature image with a wrong one in a specific scenario
[AXI-1581] WEBMAIL Fix issue resulting in unresponsive WebMail for accounts having a large number of reminders
[AXI-1561] WEBMAIL Fix issue resulting in non-persistent default font setting for new messages
[AXI-1525] WEBMAIL Fixes multipart/related rendering for certain messages by searching children for the first available multipart/related part
[AXI-1476] WEBMAIL Address Book, Alias Book: Fix multiple selection issue resulting in inside address book entries text being selected (highlighted)
[AXI-1471] WEBMAIL Fix search error issue when performing a search by refining the criteria of a previous search which returned no results
[AXI-1462] WEBMAIL Fix issue forwarding an attachment
[AXI-1464] WEBMAIL Address book: Fix issue resulting in the wrong vertical aligning of names with Cyrillic characters
[AXI-1459] WEBMAIL Fix Webmail hanging with large blacklist / whitelist
[AXI-1454] WEBMAIL Calendar: Fix issue not showing iTip correctly when searching for specific event invitation
[AXI-1428] WEBMAIL Fix "Add Recipient from Address Book" window visuals on Firefox
[AXI-1248] WEBMAIL [Internet Explorer] Fix issue showing empty folder, caused by illegal characters in one or more messages
[AXI-1237] WEBMAIL Fix email validation for filter with "forward to" or "redirect to" actions
[AXI-1241] WEBMAIL [Safari MacOS] Fix visual alignment issue on mobile phone field in Settings
[AXI-1232] WEBMAIL [Internet Explorer 11] Mail (composer): Fix non working add link functionality in the HTML editor
[AXI-1218] WEBMAIL [Firefox] Calendar (week view): Fix issues with moving cursor via keys when editing in-place
[AXI-1215] WEBMAIL Mail item: Fix non-working "Forward as attachment" in attachments list & attachments panel
[AXI-1203] WEBMAIL [Internet Explorer 11] Mail (composer): Fix issue dragging-and-dropping text selection in
[AXI-1168] WEBMAIL Mail (composer / editor): Fix issue losing font style when forming a URL via paste in specific scenario
[AXI-1110] WEBMAIL Add detection for MS Edge; fix availability button visuals on MS Edge
[AXI-1048] WEBMAIL Fix search by date when Webmail language is not English
[AXI-1028] WEBMAIL Fix multiple selection issue
[AXI-0998] WEBMAIL Fix issue not displaying recipient info tooltip on hover caused by comma in the "From" header
[AXI-0955] WEBMAIL Fix issue not displaying the itip yellow bar when selecting an email invite after a search in email
[AXI-0930] WEBMAIL Fix issue resulting in source button not present when external messages are blocked
[AXI-0783] WEBMAIL Fix HTML signature not being converted to plain text
[AXI-0786] WEBMAIL Fix issue not displaying recipient info tooltip on hover, after having clicked "Display images"
[AXI-0735] WEBMAIL Fix UI issue when creating a new folder in root
[AXI-1630] WEBMAIL Search: Fix issue resulting in showing folder labels in the list after performing a search in multiple folders and then canceling and navigating to other folders
[AXI-0798] WEBMAIL Fix issue sending emails to multiple distribution lists
[AXI-0645] WEBMAIL Fix issue preventing users to send emails to users with quotes in their name
[AXI-1588] WEBMAIL Fix issue downloading attachments with certain characters in their name
[AXI-1442] WEBMAIL [Firefox] Mail (composer): Fix issue resulting in certain characters not being visible in the Subject field
[AXI-1644] WEBMAIL Fix inconsistent Webmail selection / focus status behavior across different themes
[AXI-1646] WEBMAIL Fix issue resulting in malformed recipients for emails / calendar invites / task assigns from / to recipients containing inner quotes
[AXI-1652] WEBMAIL Fix visual issue showing selection on the folder counter in a specific case
[AXI-1688] WEBMAIL Fix visual issue resulting in wrong display of "new distribution list" dialog
[AXI-1683] WEBMAIL Fix "Contact Import Report" dialog visuals
[AXI-1677] WEBMAIL Fix import contacts loader visuals not wide enough to accommodate text
[AXI-1366] WEBMAIL Fix issue listing message with attachment while inside says 1 attachment but none shown in specific scenario
[AXI-1245] WEBMAIL Fix issue causing inline images not to be displayed in specific case
[AXI-1702] WEBMAIL Fix missing HTTP resource
[AXI-1721] WEBMAIL Fix issue resulting in "1 attachment / no attachments" message shown when switching to source
[AXI-1722] WEBMAIL Fix issue resulting in pre-wrapped body being shown for specific emails
[AXI-638] WEBMAIL Calendar (composer), Tasks (composer): Fix non-necessary save confirmation when closing an event without any changes
[AXI-1720] WEBMAIL Fix issue resulting in executing injected Javascript via iTIP messages & calendar reminder
[AXI-1729] WEBMAIL Fix javascript injection scenario from domain contacts
[AXI-1756] WEBMAIL Fix Webmail issue resulting in displaying wrong images when replying / forwarding a message
[AXI-1767] WEBMAIL Calendar (week view, day view): Fix issue resulting in event data being lost on event drag-and-drop or quick edit
[AXI-1747] WEBMAIL Fix issue placing signature at the bottom when replying
[AXI-1770] WEBMAIL Calendar (composer): Fix issue resulting in a JS error when changing the folder of an event
[AXI-1777] WEBMAIL [MacOS] Fix issue resulting in unwanted actions triggered by shortcuts due to Cmd key wrongly mapped in js as pressed
[AXI-1789] WEBMAIL Fix issue resulting in non-working free / busy "OK" button (throws a js error)
[AXI-1796] WEBMAIL Fix javascript error in console when opening a composer and changing the language from settings
[AXI-1822] WEBMAIL Fix issue resulting in specific message not being displayed
[AXI-1824] WEBMAIL Fix issue adding new / editing an existing contact while a search is active
[AXI-1836] WEBMAIL Fix invalid sidebar quota rendering showing "NaN" in certain cases
[AXI-1746] WEBMAIL Change the language drop-downs to searchable drop-downs
[AXI-1849] WEBMAIL Fix issue resulting in multiple contact thumbnails being created when changing permissions on a user inside the folder sharing window
[AXI-1854] WEBMAIL Fix issue resulting in Chinese attachment name corrupted on IE11 & Edge
[AXI-1860] WEBMAIL HTML Editor: Fix issue resulting in broken link anchor font in specific scenario
[AXI-1859] WEBMAIL Fix issue resulting in a js error being shown when replying after opening an email in a tab
[AXI-1878] WEBMAIL Settings: Fix WebMail contact details table not showing the right borders in Russian
[AXI-1728] STANDARD WEBMAIL Fix contextual menu style broken by missing images
[AXI-1773] STANDARD WEBMAIL Fix issue resulting in non-working language change in WebMail Standard

Outlook Connector

New Features
[AXI-1569] OLK Re-engineered Outlook Connector – major improvements in the Outlook Connector responsiveness, stability & performance

Bug Fixes
[AXI-1438] OLK Fix Outlook Connector issue causing message corruption in some cases
[AXI-1375] OLK Fix (larger) messages staying in Outbox for a long time
[AXI-1376] OLK Fix issue resulting in Outlook becoming unresponsive when sending larger message
[AXI-1323] OLK Fix event notes inconsistency/data loss on events created in OLK, with notes formatted in Word/WordPad
[AXI-1240] OLK Fix a task synchronization problem
[AXI-1377] OLK Fix scenario that caused Outlook Connector to become non responsive when receiving larger messages
[AXI-1542] SERVER, OLK Fix OLK auto-upgrade when a lower version is advertised as upgrade
[AXI-1560] OLK Fix issue saving / sorting drafts without a date
[AXI-1784] OLK Fix Outlook Connector sending issue (emails staying in Outbox) on Outlook 2010
[AXI-1659] OLK Fix issue resulting in user unable to open messages from Sent folder (OLK

New Platforms & Clients Support

[AXI-1001] FreeBSD 10.x (10.3+)
[AXI-1002] Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS

Email Clients
[AXI-1003] eM Client 7 (via IMAP, SMTP, CalDAV, CardDAV)

CalDAV Clients
[AXI-1000] See full matrix

Notes Clients
[AXI-1466] MacOS, iOS (via IMAP)

Additional Notes & Upgrade Information

  • Along with the Axigen X1 release, the Axigen trial process has been changed as follows:
    • it now requires an (extended) trial license. Request a trial license here
    • the extended trial license is valid for 60 days
    • without applying a license, Axigen will only run for 3 days.
  • Axigen X1 no longer contains SpamAssassin Bundled. If you were previously using SpamAssassin Bundled, Axigen X1 will automatically disable this filter on the first run — both at server and domain level.
  • During the upgrade to X1, the existing disposable metadata information (indexes and normalized messages) are automatically deleted and re-constructed as required (e.g. when a user logs into WebMail and performs a first search in a particular folder). More info on how to monitor & configure search indexes
  • Axigen X1 introduces the automatic compacting of the Axigen storage files. More info on how to monitor & configure automatic storage compacting
  • Axigen X1 now supports extended auto-discovery — at server and domain level. Read more on how to configure auto-discovery
  • If you're using WebMail Branding, you should know that Axigen X1 introduces additional branding elements — the logo on the WebMail login page and the favicon (having two states). We recommend you to also apply your branding to these elements as well.

Known Issues

[AXI-1466] Redesigned and re-engineered Notes – HTML notes are not supported by Outlook and Standard WebMail; this will result in the plain text version being shown; editing HTML notes from these clients will convert the notes to plain text.
[AXI-1648] WEBMAIL Second reminder for calendar events – Multiple reminders are not supported by Outlook and Standard WebMail; editing events with multiple reminders in these clients will lose all reminders but one display reminder (if exists) – the one displayed by Outlook.
[AXI-1488] WEBMAIL HTML calendar events – attachments in the HTML body / description are currently not supported; editing events with attachments in WebMail will cause the attachments to be lost.