Mobility & Sync — ActiveSync, CalDAV & CardDAV

CalDAV is a protocol that allows clients to synchronize calendars and perform calendar scheduling actions.

The CalDAV service runs on top of WebMail; this means that the licence requirements for accessing the CalDAV service are similar to those required to access WebMail. Some of the CalDAV features, such as using scheduling features (accepting meeting invites, inviting other users to a meeting, etc) are subject to the restriction of the Axigen license (e.g. for scheduling to work a premium user license with a groupware add-on is required).


CalDAV support is available starting with Axigen X1.

CalDAV updates in X3

Multiple Task folders

Starting with version X3 Axigen synchronises all the local task folders owned by the logged in DAV user.

How CalDAV works in Axigen

The CalDAV server built in Axigen maps the user's calendar folders (local calendar folders) to WebDAV collections (calendar collections).

A CalDAV client capable of performing collection discovery should be able to pick up the Axigen user's calendar collections as part of the CalDAV account configuration.

Supported clients

This section describes CalDAV clients that have been tested and have been found to work with Axigen X2.2. Some of the CalDAV features (e.g. scheduling for Windows Phone 10) are known not to work as the respective clients cannot fully interoperate with Axigen.


Operating System Client Calendar access Multiple calendars Calendar schedule FreeBusy Tasks (reminders) Notes
iOS 12 Built in YES YES YES YES YES  
macOS Mojave (OS X 10.14) Built in YES YES YES YES YES  
Android 8+ DAVx5 2.5.5 / OpenTasks 1.2.2 YES YES PARTIAL NO YES Does not sync calendar inbox. Does not perform free-busy queries.
Windows 10 Desktop (64 bit) eM Client 7.2+ YES YES YES YES YES


Multi platform (Windows/OS X/Linux) Thunderbird 68+ / Lightning 68 YES PARTIAL YES YES YES Calendar collections have to be subscribed one at a time. Does not support scheduling calendar collections (inbox). Scheduling requires a properly configured INBOX.
Windows 10 Desktop Built in YES YES NO NO NO Scheduling does not work as it requires a complete Apple iCloud account (IMAP, SMTP). IMAP and SMTP cannot be setup with non-Apple servers in Windows Phone 10.


Turning off CalDAV support

Axigen allows the administrator to turn off CalDAV support; this can be achieved using the WebAdmin interface in the Services / Mobility & Sync menu.