Known CalDAV Issues

Axigen Documentation

This is a set of issues that are indirectly related to CalDAV; they are interoperability issues that manifest in CalDAV but their root cause is in Axigen's implementation.

  • Axigen does not implement support for schedule status values 

    • RFC 6638 describes a mechanism that allows a CalDAV client to know the status of the iTIP delivery for a given attendee.

    • E.g. If the organizer makes a mistake when filling in the address of the attendee in the current implementation he/she can notice this mistake when he/she receives the NDR (non delivery report) for the iTIP message. If Axigen would implement schedule status values the CalDAV client would be informed of a delivery failure in the VCALENDAR item.

  • Notifications belonging to events accepted from Axigen WebMail remain in the INBOX. 

    • At this point we have not found a way to tell to dismiss a notification that has already been processed outside the (in our case in WebMail).

  • cannot create events with custom monthly rules (repeats monthly on the 12th, 14th, and 26th).

    • The Axigen Calendar API is unable to parse the RRULE created by

  • ↔︎ WebMail / Outlook connector interoperability issue 

    • has a different interpretation to RRULEs when interpreting yearly recurrent events.

    • It interprets the DTSTART as the first occurrence of the event, event if it does not match the date when the event repeats itself.

    • WebMail and Outlook however, display events only for those days that match the repeating rule.

  • CalDAV ↔︎ WebMail interoperability issue 

    • When an Axigen user is organizer in an event and the event is created by a CalDAV client (e.g. editing the event via WebMail causes the event to be canceled.

    • adds an ATTENDEE property for the organizer in the VCALENDAR.
      When WebMail edits the VCALENDAR it removes the ATTENDEE property above.

    • The calendar API detects a change in the calendar object (an attendee has been removed) and sends a cancellation message to that attendee (in our case the organizer).

  • Axigen does not send attendee notifications for local folders that are not the default folder (Calendar)

    • Axigen current implementation - present in WebMail too.

  • Only events from the Calendar folder are taken into account when computing FreeBusy.

    • In Axigen no other local calendar folders implement FreeBusy.

  • Large calendar events (e.g. w/ attachments) can't be synchronized via CalDAV

    • Attempting to sync large events (e.g. uploading a calendar that's 12K or bigger → eM Client attachment → triggers error)