Unsupported CalDAV Features

Axigen Documentation

This is a set of unsupported (unimplemented) CalDAV features. Depending on the CalDAV client being used they may or may not result in functional issues (e.g. in the Reminders.app Axigen not implementing MKCOL/MKCALENDAR results in the Reminders.app displaying an error when the user attempts to use the "add list" feature).

  • Creating / Deleting Calendar Collections (MKCOL, MKCALENDAR)

    • Axigen does not allow CalDAV clients to create calendar collections (MKCOL is not implemented). Some CalDAV clients are also able to create task collections (e.g. The iOS Reminders.app "Add List" feature attempts to create a new task collection). Expanded retrieval of recurrent events is not supported

  • Collations are not supported

    • Collations are related to searching items so that non diacritical marks match their counterparts, e.g. search for "uber" matches "über". Axigen does not implement collations in REPORTs.