Auto-discovery Configuration

Axigen Documentation

In Axigen, the Auto-discovery feature can be configured at two distinct levels:

  1. Globally, at server level – this means that all email domains will inherit the Auto-discover configurations set at server level (CLI or axigen.cfg)

  2. At domain level – the Auto-discovery configuration set for a specific domain will override any Auto-discovery configurations set at server level (CLI only).

Server level configuration is visible in axigen.cfg.

Admins are able to configure default Auto-discovery settings:

  • Enable IMAP auto discovery (default = yes)

  • Enable POP3 auto discovery (default = no)

  • Enable SMTP auto discovery (default = yes)

  • Configure default Auto-discovery URLs for all three

  • Configure the default Auto-discovery host(s) in your DNS (and edit certificate information)

Here is an example of Auto-discovery service URLs configured in axigen.cfg

Server level configuration in CLI:

Here's an example of how to enable the POP3 Auto-discovery feature and set the POP3S Auto-discovery URL for the Axigen server

Domain level configuration in CLI:

The enable / disable flags for IMAP, POP, SMTP are not available at domain level. They are inherited from the server level (in axigen.cfg).

For example, to set specific Auto-discovery URLs for domain, you can use the following commands:

The Auto-discovery functionality has the following purpose: by filling in only the email address and the password in the email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Axigen Outlook Connector, etc.), the client will be capable to auto configure itself with the appropriate information related to the Incoming and Outgoing email servers, access ports, SSL, or authentication mechanism.