Auto-discovery for Outlook (via IMAP / POP3)

Axigen Auto-discovery

This article was built using Outlook 2016.

Axigen environment:

  • Single server

  • Server level settings

  • Autogenerated SSL certificates for POP3S, IMAPS, SMTPS

  • Signed SSL certificate for HTTPS

In order to configure Auto-discovery for Microsoft Outlook 2016, the following two steps are needed:

1. In axigen.cfg, set to "yes" the flags that enable Auto-discovery for the desired protocol and provide the hostnames and ports corresponding to IMAP(S), POP(S) and SMTP(S) protocols to be advertised by the Auto-discovery.

2. In your DNS server, configure an entry with the name autodiscover.youremaildomain.tld, such as:



  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and go to "Add Account"

  2. Provide your Name, email address and password and click "Next"

  3. Click on "Finish" after the Autodiscover process is completed.

  4. In the background, an HTTPS POST request is initiated:

Microsoft Outlook 2016 initiates only HTTPS requests for Auto-discovery.

If HTTPS Auto-discovery connection failed (using POST), it will failover on HTTP (using GET) - this will also fail as Axigen does not support this method.

Additional info on Microsoft Outlook (2010) Auto-discovery implementation can be found here:

The request is traceable in everything.txt (log level set to "Protocol Communication") and should be similar to: