How Chart Information Is Collected & Processed

Axigen Documentation

Now we will detail how Axigen collects and processes chart data and how various settings can influence the display of the charts. This will help you in the process of understanding and reading the defined charts, and further help in the process of creating new charts based on the available parameters.

When the sample interval is reached (default: once every minute), Axigen performs the following operations:

  • Increases or decreases all the SNMP counters based on the read parameter information;

  • Stores all the parameter information based on which charts can be created;

  • The Axigen configuration file is checked for defined charts;

  • After all the defined charts are inventoried; the remaining parameter data that does not correspond to a defined chart is discarded;

  • If the aggregation interval is reached, the aggregation function is applied on the previously recorded values of the remaining parameters; the resulted value is written in the defined chart's database used for displaying charts;

  • If the aggregation interval is not reached, then the recorded values of the parameters are stored in memory with each sample interval until the aggregation interval is reached.