The Axigen Reporting Service

Axigen Documentation

The section describes in full detail how to properly configure and use the Axigen reporting service, as well as the steps for integrating it with the Cacti application.

As with all modern email servers, Axigen also provides graphical reporting charts to monitor the server’s health and display its status in a quick fashion. This feature has been designed to provide servers administrators with great flexibility and an extensive range of parameters to monitor. For this purpose, a graphical representation offers a faster and more detailed view of what exactly is going on with the services provided by Axigen. Another alternative would be using complicated command-line tools and commands to search for the needed information, a time consuming action that would also take a lot of server resources that could otherwise be redirected to other tasks. In this respect, the reporting feature does not cause a visible overhead since it is based on data that is recorded in real time at an user adjustable interval, and not on processing log files. It offers access to the information in a fine-grained fashion, with a low resource usage.

By reading this section, you will find out how to make best use of the Axigen reporting service, including the steps for adding performance charts, configuring SNMP parameters, and integrating the Axigen reports within the Cacti network graphing solution.

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