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How to Reset the LDAP Association and Force the LDAP Synchronization for Account and Groups

Jan 25, 2017  •  7 min. read

This article describes how to reset the LDAP association and force the LDAP synchronization for accounts and groups.

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How to Compact the Domain and Object Storages of a Domain

Sep 25, 2016  •  2 min. read

This article describes how to compact the domain and object storages of a domain.

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How to Deal with the "File Too Large" Error When Restoring a Full Domain Backup on Windows Using Windows Explorer

Aug 17, 2016  •  1 min. read

When trying to copy / paste (restore) – using Windows Explorer – a full domain backup folder and files to the Windows Axigen Mail Server using the "File System Access" module, a pop-up window displays the following error: "The file 'folder name' is too large for the destination file system".

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How to Fix the Axigen Virtual File System Mount Error on a Linux System

Aug 1, 2016  •  2 min. read

When trying to "Mount Object" in WebAdmin from "File System Access", it reports "Cannot create FUSE mount point".

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How to Optimize the Axigen Search Indexing

Jul 6, 2016  •  4 min. read

In this article we provide the steps for improving the search performance for large mailboxes.

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How to Integrate Axigen with Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers on Linux

Jun 8, 2016  •  7 min. read

This article describes how to integrate Axigen with Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers on Linux.

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How to Use a Non Administrative Account to Perform Active Directory to Axigen (L2A) LDAP Synchronization

May 16, 2016  •  1 min. read

This article describes how to use a non administrative account to perform Active Directory to Axigen (L2A) LDAP synchronization.

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How to Perform LDAP Authentication with Active Directory or with OpenLDAP Using the "Mail" LDAP Attribute

May 16, 2016  •  1 min. read

Axigen can be configured to perform authentication against an Active Directory or an OpenLDAP server instead of using the internal password database. When using LDAP authentication, by default the username is matched with the 'uid' LDAP attribute for OpenLDAP and with the 'sAMAccountName' attribute for Active Directory.

In some situations the user's email address may be stored in the 'mail' LDAP attribute and the account part of the user's email address may be different than the value of the default 'uid' or 'sAMAccountName' attributes.

This article describes how to authenticate the Axigen accounts by matching the user's email address against the 'mail' LDAP attribute.

Important: the LDAP connector described in this article should only be used for authentication. It should not be used to perform synchronization between Axigen and the LDAP server.

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How to Apply a Workaround for the OpenSSL CVE-2016-2107 Vulnerability

May 11, 2016  •  3 min. read

This article describes how to apply a quick workaround in order to not be vulnerable.

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How to Transfer Your Axigen Installation from a 32 Bit to a 64 Bit System on Linux

Apr 1, 2016  •  2 min. read

Axigen X is available only for the 64 bit architecture. If you are using a 32 bit Linux system you can use the steps described in this KB article to transfer your existing Axigen installation on a 64 bit Linux system.

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How to Configure the TLS Settings for SMTP Incoming and Outgoing in Axigen iX (9.0) and X (10.0) for Compatibility with Older Mail Servers

Aug 18, 2015  •  2 min. read

Axigen iX (9.0.0) and X (10.0.0) use by default a more secure TLS configuration when sending and receiving mail with TLS encryption. This configuration may cause incompatibilities when sending or receiving mail to / from older mail servers using STARTTLS.

This article describes how to configure the TLS settings fo the SMTP Sending and SMTP Receiving services in Axigen 9 for compatibility with older mail servers.

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Customizing / Skinning Your WebMail Interface

Nov 26, 2010  •  5 min. read

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to customize your Axigen WebMail interface login and loading pages to match your desired look and feel.

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