Mobility & Sync — ActiveSync, CalDAV & CardDAV

The CardDAV compatibility and support built into Axigen aims to provide contact synchronization between the Axigen service and an external CardDAV client accessing the information across the network.

Minimum requirements

This section lists the software requirements that the systems and software products used for iCalendar integration and syncs should meet. The hardware requirements are not listed in this section as they can vary to great extent from one environment to another. For details on the hardware required in specific scenarios, you should contact the Sales Team.

Mandatory software packages:

  • An operating system compatible with Axigen version 9.0 or newer
  • Axigen version 9.0 or newer
  • The CardDAV service must be enabled in Axigen
  • A CardDAV client application

Supported CardDAV clients (Axigen X1):

  • iOS 10
  • iOS 11
  • Android 4.4 (running the CardDAV Sync free application installed from Google's Play Store)
  • Android 5 (running the CardDAV Sync free application installed from Google's Play Store)
  • macOS Sierra
  • macOS High Sierra
  • Thunderbird (using the SOGO Connector)

Feature design

The CardDAV service is built on top of the WebDAV service.

The WebDAV service is in turn ran by the WebMail service meaning CardDAV shares the WebMail listeners. Since listeners (and thus ports) are shared, the CardDAV implementation requires a web context (currently "Contacts"). This means that the minimum URL configured in a CardDAV client is e.g.; depending on server configuration it may be more involved, e.g. when the WebMail listener runs on port 8443, etc).

The CardDAV service is proxy-able in a cluster environment without any special configuration (i.e. once the WebMail works via the proxy, the CardDAV service works too).

Naming scheme change in X1

Starting with Axigen version X1 CardDAV clients that are capable of auto-discovery should find the CalDAV services using Axigen's WebMail address, e.g. "https://webmail.axigen.url".

For CardDAV clients that are unable to perform auto discovery, the Contacts collection URL is "https://webmail.axigen.url/Contacts/Contacts".

Axigen configuration

To enable CardDAV support in the Axigen product, the administrator must log in and enable the respective option in the CLI or in the Webmail service configuration context. In the default configuration, CardDAV support is enabled.

WebAdmin configuration

WebAdmin configuration for CardDAV resides in the "Services → Mobility & Sync" context.

CLI Configuration

CardDAV Groups

Axigen's groups as defined in WebMail and Outlook Connector are created using our proprietary VCARD properties and are not visible in iOS and macOS.

iOS and macOS use their own properties when modelling groups and these are not yet understood by Axigen.

This means that Axigen will synchronise a Contacts group but WebMail will not be able to display the group definition.