AXIGEN Mail Server: A professional e-mail solution for any company

Published on February 12, 2009
AXIGEN Mail Server: A professional e-mail solution for any company

I think we will all agree that e-mail is a great and extremely useful technology these days. And for that reason we decided to review the very backbone of your e-mail addiction: an e-mail server. We chose a product created by the well-known Romanian company Gecad Technologies – some of you may remember their popular RAV AntiVirus solution that was sold to Microsoft back in 2003. Since then, Gecad refocused on providing new, revolutionary messaging platforms under the name AXIGEN.[…]

Being accompanied by comprehensive documentation, the AXIGEN Mail Server installation is a pretty straightforward process and can be done by almost anybody, provided they have at least some base Linux terminal knowledge […]

The Web Interface
After typing in the password, you enter the WebAdmin panel and everything is exactly where you would expect it to be. The left pane displays all the categories, the middle pane shows the settings for the selected subcategory, and on the right, Contextual Help is available for quick understanding of what's going on in that page. […]

Security and Filtering
With huge amounts of spam, malware and viruses coming 24/7 from all over the world, the true power of a mail server solution might just stand in its ability to filter out these pests constantly while still allowing legit emails to get through. AXIGEN is able to work with several applications to address these issues. Support for SpamAssassin, AVG, AVAST, ClamAV, Commtouch, AMaViS is available, along with the more generic aximilter interface, which enables connecting to even more security or filtering products. […] Other anti-spam methods include country filtering (in collaboration with MaxMind geolocation service), Sender Policy Framework, Domain Keys, DNS BlackLists and DNS Check.

Status and Monitoring
AXIGEN Mail Server offers a comprehensive reporting service and has the ability to create charts for an easy overview of the server's load and activity. […]

Migration and Back-up
AXIGEN offers automatic and manual migration solutions through IMAP. All domains, accounts and mailboxes from any mail server platform can be migrated seamlessly; it will even copy the server's login credentials and create an exact replica of it. You simply cannot ask for a simpler tool.

The AXIGEN team also included a complete Back-up & Restore function (with flow, error and thread controls) facilitating full or partial restores and both offline and online backups. This service can also be accessed from more than one location, giving administrators the ability to set access rules for specific IPs. Advanced clustering support with multi-tier setups, LDAP authentication and routing, SMTP routing to back-end, POP3 & IMAP WebMail proxies and integration with the RH Cluster Suite are also available.

End-users are also sure to have a great experience using AXIGEN's email services with features like: Localized WebMail clients, Mobile WebMail, Personal organizer, Address book, Multiple skins [...] Out-of-office messages and much more […]

Fast installation and configuration, quick understanding of all the functions under a very clean and efficient Webadmin interface and a plethora of settings that can be tweaked are some of AXIGEN Mail Server's strong points. Add those to stability, almost unbeatable security and great overall performance and you get this high-class mail server solution. […]

Whether you are an admin or an end-user, working with or under AXIGEN's mail server is bound to make you a lot more efficient and a lot less worried. Yet another great product from a company worthy of its reputation.