ComputerWorld - The Demo: Mail Server can be accessed over Internet

Published on May 20, 2008
ComputerWorld - The Demo: Mail Server can be accessed over Internet

Axigen Mail Server can be accessed through a browser by users and by administrators. The Enterprise Edition starts at US$504 for 25 users, while a company with 150 mailboxes would pay US$1340. [...]

The Enterprise Edition includes groupware, personal organizer software and public folders. It lets workers share contacts, delegate tasks and check to see whether colleagues are available. It also lets administrators set up different classes of accounts, so they can allow access to different services, different message sizes and different filters.

The Business Edition, which costs US$400 for 25 mailboxes, includes a personal organizer.

Axigen Mail Server lets users access their e-mail from the Internet.

With the Enterprise Edition of Axigen Mail server, users can create their own blacklists and personalized signatures. Users can choose from one of three skins, which let them control the look and feel of their browser. [...] The user interface includes a preview plane and rules wizard. They can also set up automated responses when they are on vacation or out of the office. They can also delay the sending of selected e-mails. They can also add recipients to newly composed messages directly from their personal contacts or from the domain’s public address book, and they can access the same personal information manager via Web mail or Outlook.

[…] Axigen Mail Server includes a console for administrators, which can be accessed either from the local-area network directly from the server or from the Internet remotely. [...] It includes a Web-based graphic console and administrators can also automate operations through a command line interface. It can also be used to create more than 100 personalized reports.