Getting Started With Axigen Mail Server

Published on October 21, 2009
Getting Started With Axigen Mail Server

Axigen is a mail server for Windows, Linux, BSD, and Solaris. […] Installation is straightforward: The download has a .run script that displays the license and asks you to agree to it. It then auto-detects your distro version.[...] You're given documentation options, manual install instructions options, or the auto-install (which is what I did). […] You also can choose which services (POP3, IMAP, webmail) to configure and which ports to run these on. […]

I found the WebAdmin interface to be excellent: reasonably clear, easy to use, and comprehensive. Being an old-school type who likes her text-based config files, I'm often not a fan of graphical administration like that, but this one I found very usable. […] There's an automatic migration feature to handle migration from a previous mail server, which should make the new account construction a bit easier! There's also a clustering section so you can run several servers at once and connect them via LDAP so it all works seamlessly.

I liked the Log Level slider that features on many of the pages in the WebAdmin interface and allows you to easily set Axigen's logging. […] You also have the option of changing the access rules either globally, or per-service. This, too, is straightforward, and the rules are easy to add, edit and delete. […]

There's also various groupware options available: Connections with Outlook can be added on, and a web personal organizer (with calendar, journal and tasks) is automatically included that has iCal integration. From a user point of view, the WebMail interface is nice. […] There's a mobile Webmail interface, which could be really handy if you have users who are frequently out of the office.

Overall, Axigen looks like a good, easy-to-use option if you want a full-featured email server for your business. The webmail setup is useful to offer as an alternative mail access to users. It's straightforward to administer, and it too is full featured, with comprehensive access control [...] Well worth a trial run if you need the offered features.