Hakin9 - Axigen Mail Server For Windows: Flexible possibilities for the enterprise

Published on January 22, 2010
Hakin9 - Axigen Mail Server For Windows: Flexible possibilities for the   enterprise

What makes them interesting from a systems perspective is that the solutions run solid under both Windows and Linux. [...] I don’t see many organizations that have the resource capability to build out robust solutions on so many different platforms – especially when it comes to something as complicated as enterprise email processing. [...]

The Reseller/OEM network numbers over 200+ which means it will be easy to locate experts that understand the architecture and/or operational areas, should you end up needing help. [...]

The latest release of Axigen Mail Server for Windows hits all the marks.

From the webmail and slick interfaces – everything is well though out – advancements in the administration interface are outstanding. [...] The improved operability is a direct result of expanded product flexibility. [...]The responsiveness and efficiency of the Axigen support team is highly appreciated and is continuously supervised through and confirmed by the in place customer survey program. They believe technical support is one of the most important elements for a great working experience with AXIGEN. Agreed! [...] Don’t hesitate to contact the Support Engineers for any question you might have. They will respond. [...]

The Axigen Mail Server performance is outstanding. The installation is clear, concise and allows you to get up and running with a minimum of fuss. Axigen ships with intuitive defaults. Security out of the box is an issue so you should make sure to enable SSL as quickly as possible.

Axigen is a great, straight forward email solution. The web interfaces are well thought out and I believe you will feel comfortable with the interface quickly. With the aggressive price point, Axigen provides a compelling ROI model.