Linux+ - Axigen Mail Server 4.0.2

Published on January 14, 2008
Linux+ - Axigen Mail Server 4.0.2

I had downloaded the documentation from Axigen's website and I figured I would use this and see if it really does what it should. The first one you are likely to use is the Quick Install and Config Guide. And it lives up to its claim.

The install is quick. [...]  it is a breeze to walk-through with the configuration wizard. [...] I accepted practically all of the defaults here, with the exception of the domain name and admin password. My install on Gentoo took in total no more than 45 minutes, and that included compiling gcc. Without that, I would have probably had it up and running within 15 minutes.[...]

So, I figured now would be a good time to see if webmail would work, at least my new user that I have created. And it did. I was able to login and was displayed with my mailbox. Now, this I like. It looks much as it should do in that it is cleanly laid out and looks nice and pretty too – it has the aesthetics. [...]

So, what do I think [about Axigen]? I think it is a very nice, simple, easy to use solution, without having to spend too much money.  It is simple to administer, the webmail interface is very nice indeed. Connecting with Evolution was really good, and gave me most of the features I would need to use that I could get through webmail. If I was just to use it for email only, then I would be using Mozilla Thunderbird.

The documentation is good, clear and concise. The quick install guide does exactly what it says it does. The User Manual is rather large, but looking at the web-admin interface, you do really need to know everything about all the options available to you. [...] It would be nice if a connector for Evolution existed to help integrate this more nicely with Axigen Mail Server.

I feel it is definitely worthy of a look, testing it out and see if it meets all your requirements. Pricing is also very competitive, so makes it ideal to use where other solutions could potentially be out of your price range.