Linux+ – Axigen Mail Server 7.2.0

Published on January 01, 2010
Linux+ – Axigen Mail Server 7.2.0

A while ago, I reviewed Axigen 4.x, and since then Axigen has certainly come on leaps and bounds since then when Axigen 5.x was released – but even more so now that Axigen 7.x is available.

First off, the webmail and administration interfaces were given an overhaul, which was considerably noticeable in v5.x and has continued to move forward with this into the current release. Secondly, functionality has also increased giving you a much more feature-rich environment as well as some commercial offerings to implement such as AVG anti-virus and Commtouch real-time anti-spam.[...]

If we just removed the add-on options available, we get a considerable amount of features for our money – and the cost of a license is extremely reasonable too, especially when you compare it against other email solutions out there even including other Open-Source based solutions that provide business-grade versions.

Some of the biggest changes come due to some more changes with the webmail interface. This is now AJAX-based, meaning you get all the drag and drop functionality like you do with a standard email client application.[...]The new AJAX interface is absolutely wonderful and very eye-pleasing.[...] Also, Groupware has seen changes with an improved Axigen Outlook connector, and the Mobility options being improved increasing the ability for synchronisation with your mobile devices.[...]

I like that the performance is as good as ever. The server works and delivers email quickly. It doesn't hang around.[...] I like the way installation has been improved and it is kept simple to get you up and running as quickly and as easily as possible.[...]

All in all, Axigen is a very nice email server, easy to install, easy to configure and manage and easy to use. The web interfaces are very pleasing on the eye. Comparing to other solutions, it is well worth the money investing in this as your email server solution.