Linux Journal - Axigen Mail Server

Axigen provides a professional e-mail server with Web interfaces for both administration and user mail. With Axigen, you'll have your e-mail server up and running in minutes, not days. [...] If you're looking for a full-featured, easy-to-install, easy-to-use e-mail setup that won't break the bank, read on.

A trial version of the Axigen suite is available for download. The first pleasing thing about Axigen is that there's no annoying registration required to download (it asks, but you can skip it and just download it). The download comes as a single install file for most popular Linux distributions as well as for Windows, Solaris and most flavors of BSD. [...] The second pleasing thing is that it's easy to find the prices on the Web site. Axigen comes in three different versions: Business Edition, Enterprise Edition and Service Provider Edition. Within each edition, the pricing model is based on the number of e-mail users you have.[...]

Installing Axigen is simple: get the download appropriate for your distro, and as root, run the file as a script via the shell.The meat of Axigen is contained as a binary payload within the script.[...] Remember what Axigen is - an e-mail server with a Web mail interface - so Axigen includes a Web server, an SMTP server, a POP server and an IMAP server.[...]

The e-mail account user interface follows in the footsteps of the admin interface; it's both attractive and easy to use. The e-mail interface includes folder management, contact management and access to all the normal operations one expects in an e-mail client.[...]

Axigen also supports interfacing with a number of third-party spam and virus filters, including SpamAssassin, AVG and ClamAV among others. It also provides the ability to back up data to an FTP server. A couple of the more interesting features I ran across were RPOP and Automatic Migration.[...]

Without a doubt, I'm a fan of [...] FOSS products, but it's doubtful that the end result would be as professional-looking or consistent as the Axigen Mail Server. And, it almost goes without saying that you'd never get it all up and working as quickly as you can install Axigen and get it going. So, if you're willing to consider closed-source, non-free software, and you need an e-mail server that includes Web mail access for your users, give Axigen a look.