PC-WELT – Exchange Replacement for Linux

Published on May 09, 2008
PC-WELT – Exchange Replacement for Linux

Microsoft Exchange may have set the standard, but this popular mail server does not have the monopoly. […] We hereby present to you the Linux-based Axigen Mail Server.

Modern mail servers no longer settle only with sending messages from A to B or managing local mail accounts and their users. This does not come as a surprise: small companies demand from their mail systems fully capable Groupware features with calendar function, address book administration and the possibility to share folders.[…]

In addition to POP3, IMAP and SMTP services, Axigen also provides a WebMail interface for end-users. The Axigen Groupware features are available from WebMail, as well as the Microsoft Outlook email client for which a connector is available. […] Coming to complete the range of email functionalities, the Axigen WebMail also offers a calendar, journal, tasks and access to public folders.[…]

When sending an invitation via the calendar function, the receiver of the invitation will have the possibility to accept it or to decline it. Either way, the sender will receive a status notification. If the receiver accepts the invitation, an appointment will be automatically added in his Calendar. […]

An Axigen WebMail user can customize the WebMail interface by using the options available in the “Settings” section. […] He will also be able to administer there a personal contacts list, change the display language of the interface, set and change personal information, view info regarding the used storage capacity, configure filters and change his password. The RPOP Connections tab is also very interesting. If the system administrator has enabled this service, the user will then be able to also collect e-mails from another account via POP3. […]

As mentioned before, you can connect the Microsoft Outlook client and Axigen Mail Server, via the Outlook Connector. This offers the advantage of using the Axigen groupware features in a comfortable way. […] the installation is very easy.