ServerWatch - Axigen Mail Server, A breath of Fresh Air

Axigen Mail Server bundles all these services into its proprietary codebase aimed at the network administrator looking for an off-the-shelf mail server solution on a Linux/BSD platform. The 10MB download is packaged for target systems, such as Red Hat, SUSE or Ubuntu. Generic packages are also available. With only a 30MB installed footprint, the bulk of disk space Axigen consumes is for the messages themselves.

Installation is performed by command-line only and requires some familiarity with the Linux terminal or managing installation packages in the Linux distribution. Once installed, you create an initial administrator password, also in a command-line interface.

A collection of modules support the expected mail services, including POP3 and IMAP4 with support for SSL/TLS secure connections. Axigen also includes a list server module, supporting automated listservs. Its message-filtering module promises a great deal of power and flexibility for managing spam, viruses and other content-based disturbances. But, nearly all of this power is outsourced to external software via Axigen's API.