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January 30, 2015

We've been in the IT/ISP business for over 25 years and have never found any better messaging platform than Axigen. And we've tried quite a few. Hands down, Axigen is the best — we've been using it since 2008 and wouldn't switch for anything. The new features and upcoming features are outstanding. If you are looking for a messaging platform, look no further than Axigen. If you already have a messaging platform, look to switch to Axigen. No matter the size or load, you can't go wrong.

Todd K. Tuttle - North Central Kansas Community Network, USA

June 10, 2014

We were looking to expand the services available to our employees by offering IMAP and web bases mail services along with our standard POP3 services. In our research we found the Axigen solution to be the most robust and cost effective solution that we could find. It has been very easy to install and maintain and has provided more options than we expected to meet our needs. I would recommend the product to anyone.

Steve Lawson - American Directions Group, USA

May 10, 2014

Tashi InfoComm Limited is the only private Telecom and Internet Service provider in Bhutan. We provide 2G services nationwide, 3G services in the major towns and Internet Lease Line services all over the country under the flagship brand Tashicell. In spite of the tough competition with B-Mobile/Druknet, we are progressing in an exponential manner.
From day 1 of our service to the people, we have been using Axigen as our mail service provider. We choose Axigen as our mail service provider because of the easiness in deployment, easy administration and finest security know for the mail services, strong design and robust mailing system, availability of documents for reference during troubleshooting and very prompt and efficient support.
It’s without a doubt that Axigen is one of the finest mail service providers known. It’s our recommendation that if anyone out there is considering a secure, fast and efficient mail service provider, give Axigen a thorough look because we are sure you don’t want to miss the best of the mail service provider.

Alisha Gurung - TashiCell, Bhutan

Apr 23, 2014

An easy to install, maintain and low cost Windows and Linux mail server. Axigen is a product for the most demanding user and administrator. Highly recommended!!!

Avgoustinos Constantinides - IBSAC Intelligent Business Solutions Ltd, Cyprus

Mar 6, 2014

I was looking for an email solution dedicated to the ISP on a Linux  platform. Axigen has met my needs. The product has the strengths of the robustness, performance and security. The technical and commercial  support is great!

Walter Russo - Secureme, Italy

Our experience with Axigen and the Axigen messaging platform has been nothing short of excellent.  We were very easily able to setup the initial environment for our proof of concept (POC) of its support for Active Directory/integration via LDAP. 
After our POC we engaged Axigen Professional Services for the setup of our production environment with outstanding results given the exceptional project management services delivered by our assigned project manager and the technical work done by his lead technical specialist. 

The Axigen team are very responsive and we felt that we got great value for the money spent which was a fraction of what we would been required to spend for an alternative comparable solution from either Microsoft or VMWare who we had looked at. 
The Axigen Web interface is a clean and fully functional interface that provides access to all the necessary features.  And for mobile e-mail we were successfully able to use the native e-mail client on Android and iOS to access Axigen e-mail via the Microsoft ActiveSync protocol.  All of this was delivered via a robust setup that has storage replication to protect us against a single point of failure and that allows for automatic failover for reduced downtime.

All in all our experience with Axigen has been great and we look forward to continuing to work with their outstanding team in maintaining our environment.

I know that I will have Axigen top of mind for any e-mail implementation and recommendations I am to make in the future.

Roy H Logie - Republic Bank Limited, Trinidad and Tobago

I have installed the Axigen mail server over a month ago and I must say I am completely impressed:

- Installation could not have been easier on my Linux Ubuntu server. It took minutes to install, with absolutely no issues at all. Later on, I have installed email and calendar on Windows 7, Vista, XP and several smartphones, and used it via Thunderbird, Sunbird, Outlook, Entourage and iCal – everything works perfectly.

- Once installed and running, configuration is done extremely simple, via a web front-end. The entire process is very intuitive.

- The Axigen solution is packed with features that I have been missing for a long time:
-- Spam handling is top-notch, even at the basic level (with SpamAssassin and ClamAV), and many other solutions are easily available.
-- The ability to set message quotas by domain, class of user, or individual user is very handy.
-- Message routing is very, very well done.
-- Automatic migration is truly a breeze to implement and has saved me many hours of file manipulation. I just turned it on, filled in two blanks and everyone was able to start using the new server immediately, with absolutely no interruption in mail service, even though everyone is on a new domain. This was one of the best things I discovered about the Axigen server.
-- There are a lot of small, yet important features, which just make life easier.

- I had one small technical issue when switching from the free trial version to the paid version. I contacted technical support and received an immediate reply.

- Moreover, I found that the Axigen forums are active and an extremely good source of help and general information about the server.

Also, I have found Axigen to be extremely affordable. There are many purchase options available and I was able to find exactly what I wanted, for exactly what I could afford. I encourage anyone to compare Axigen’s pricing to that of any other top quality solution.

I look forward to rolling out the server to our company next week, and I look forward to working with Axigen to continue to meet our company’s email and collaboration requirements.

Michael diLorenzo - Eagle Quest of Nevada, Inc., USA

What distinguishes Axigen from other messaging solutions is flexibility, capability and affordability. The Axigen mail server was particularly easy to setup and was not resource intensive.

Juan M Navaro - Colorado, USA

A reason for which we chose Axigen was kind of a unique requirement to us: we needed the ability to skin the product. More precisely, we required our company branding to be integrated in the product that went out to our customers. We also wanted the ability to skin the product at an even deeper level in order to create customer specific skins per domain. Our customers are school districts and they are very happy to pay additional design fees to have their school mascot, their school logo displayed on their internal email. So we found that as an actual benefit.

The calendar and collaborative tools also pushed Axigen on the top of our decision list. Not only that this is a major differentiator among the mail server vendors that we have reviewed, but it will also give us a competitive edge in the market.

To all these features and benefits adds Axigen’s technical support service: they are available 24x7x365 and anytime we have an issue, or a question, they are very responsive. When we came aboard, we had a lot of unique requirements and they satisfied those just for us. When we moved to Axigen, or we found a bug, they catered to our needs. I think support is among the top reasons for recommending Axigen.

Shari McMillan-Strack - SchoolCenter, USA

I have installed Axigen for several companies, using the Business, Enterprise and Service Provider editions, and I must say that it is one of the fastest mail delivery solutions in the market.

It stores emails in a custom designed format, not only to produce speed but also to give the storage some better security and features. As Axigen is designed to work from small systems to platforms with millions of users, a strong storage is needed and in that Axigen is state of the art.

There is also a new webmail with the latest Axigen version [7.2], one based on AJAX. It is the best webmail I have used in several years - and I normally test Ovi, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and others. Axigen definitely keeps up the pace.

I should also like to mention the full security implementations that Axigen is capable of, with several Antivirus and Antispam possibilities. That alone could cover an entire article. Such a good product!

Gustavo Lozano - Noldata, Colombia

I would like to thank you for the perfect support. Everything functions as it should, and the Axigen Ajax WebMail client is also in Swedish. I will highly recommend your software and tech support services to my colleagues and friends.

Tommy Berntsen, Sweden

We at Cleartext have been using Axigen for our hosted email platform for a couple of years now and have been very happy with it and the support we get.

We've run various open source setups, commercial products like Exchange and @Mail, all of which required ongoing tweaking and had terrible support.

Axigen Mail Server runs 24x7 without fault and if you need configuration help their tech support is 24x7, this means we've reduced our man hours to support our hosted email platform by around 90%.

In fact we're so pleased with it we're about to start selling it into the Australian market for companies to use in-house.

David Banes - Cleartext Holdings Pty Ltd, Australia

Axigen is easy to configure and very reliable. Their technical support is excellent, with fast response and accurate problem solving.

Sangar Doreranjoo - DGB (Diversified Gateway Berhad), Malaysia

Right from my initial evaluation through deployment and support, Axigen has been a pleasurable experience. Over the past three years, Axigen has been reliable and needed very little technical knowledge to achieve world-class outcomes. I have no hesitation in recommending the Axigen messaging solution.

David Watkins, Australia

The speed of the WebMail and WebAdmin interfaces is amazing and it saves a lot of work. I also love AXIGEN's update feature and its ease of installation. But what I like best is the possibility of defining incoming rules and acceptance policies based on SMTP. AXIGEN is a very good solution.

Al-Hadi Juma - Halcon Real Estate LLC, United Arab Emirates

AXIGEN is a professional messaging solution, providing unique configuration possibilities and modular, integrated services. We have tested the product before purchasing it and found that it delivered exactly what we were looking for: a complete and secure mail server solution with professional groupware functionality and great overall performance.

Enzo Baiotto - Eurologon Srl, Italy

I've recently had to take advantage of Axigen's technical support services. Their response was rapid and the replies I received were detailed; and while I hope I don't have to call on them too often, I was impressed so I will not be dreading it if I do.

Alex Browning - Grand Central Sound Studious, United Kingdom

Your Axigen/Linux installation has been ROCK SOLID since it was implemented.

Arlan Dimalanta - Philusa Corporation, Philippines

We partnered with Axigen three years ago and have been distributing their products ever since. At this point in time, we have established the Axigen Mail Server all over Germany, in various companies, from SMBs to large ISPs. Axigen is a very well designed and reliable messaging solution for businesses of all sizes and it fulfils customers’ needs. The feedback we received from them (regarding fresh Axigen installs or migrations from other solutions) was very positive.

From our point of view, Axigen is a highly competitive mail server product that will be part of our main business here in Germany – it has a huge potential. The acceptance on the market is great, as also reflected by various reviews in professional journals and magazines. Finally, we can add that our business partnership with Axigen is very good. Their support in technical and sales matters is fast and professional all the way.

Stephan Hüwe - Hüwe Stephan EDV-Lösungen, Germany

The features that Axigen Mail Server can offer are normally found only in mail servers that you would pay through the nose for. We were very impressed with its powerful, sophisticated administration features and webmail interface. Also, everyone we have dealt with has been friendly, helpful and informative. We would highly recommend Axigen both for the software provided and for the people.

Andrew Boreham - Gutears Limited, United Kingdom

I have recently installed version 6.2.2 of the ISP Mail Server. I had a potential customer hosting their email with a competitor using iMail. At first, they were a bit hesitant about switching and hosting with me, but I convinced them to give it a try. Both my customer and I are amazed at the latest functionality you have put into the product. It's much faster than their old host and the web interface is much more user friendly. They especially like the fact that I was able to give them the ability to manage their own accounts.

I have had Axigen since version 1 or 2, I think, and I just keep getting happier with each new version. Keep up the good work!!!

Mike Werth - Shamrock Network Technologies LLC, USA

From the beginning Axigen has been a breeze. After researching and attempting to implement several open source solutions for messaging, I found myself frustrated, especially considering the ease of use the 'major' messaging solution provided. Then I discovered Axigen. The install was simple, a single script is used to install the appropriate binaries to their locations and provide appropriate configuration defaults. This is in stark contrast to other open source alternatives. In particular, the separation of SMTP and delivery servers (IMAP, POP, etc) is removed. Axigen provides literally one executable for all mail server functions, including WebMail and the WebAdmin tool. In my experience this is rarely found in other Linux based messaging systems. 

As a system administrator of a hosted mail provider, I find Axigen easy to use when doing the basics and more advanced tasks, alike. Adding new users does not require creation of any Unix accounts, directories, or scripts. Nor does it require adding them to any LDAP directory (although connection to such a database is available, if needed). This task can be accomplished entirely from the WebAdmin tool, which is automatically available with a default install and even provides its own web server (not relying on complex Apache configurations, or the like). Any other function, including advanced SMTP filtering, can be achieved in exactly the same way. This is a great improvement from not only open source solutions on the market today, but even the market leading messaging solutions. I can administer Axigen from anywhere, without ever resorting to an SSH session, or anything more complex than a web browser. This is made possible because Axigen is a full application with its own data store, not relying on any so-called 'standard' components to be installed on the operating system (like external POP/IMAP servers, or even SQL servers).

Axigen also appears committed to supporting major standards. With version 7, users can use ActiveSync to connect their mobile devices (including the iPhone) to an Axigen server with no external servers or middle men. This is a big improvement for users on the go, and there is no need for expensive 3rd party servers that reduce reliability, add complexity, and multiply cost.

Finally, one of the best features of Axigen is their excellent customer support. I have utilized them on a number of occasions, mostly at strange hours, and found them to be quick with a useful reply at every turn. They will navigate you through everything from setup, to exotic scripts supporting complicated SMTP delivery rules. I know because I've used it myself, and even as a well versed user of Axigen, find their replies to be useful and timely, even now.

I'd encourage you to give Axigen a try, for free, and see how it stacks up with your current offering. I can almost guarantee you will be surprised with the results. Its reliability and conservative use of resources will be attractive features even if you don't need any special features.

Wesley Keene - Keene Services Inc., USA

We have recently migrated our mail server solution from Lotus Domino to Axigen Enterprise Edition. Thanks to Axigen’s multi-domain capabilities, we are now able to manage our hosted customers more efficiently. By using the Large Scale Solution add-on, we had absolutely no problem in implementing a multi-server, front-end/back end solution.

Ever since using Axigen, we have also noticed that maintenance operations on the mail server have been greatly reduced. So far, our Axigen mail server solution has run flawlessly. [...] We’re very satisfied with the type of support provided by Axigen whose Support Team is extremely reactive and competent.

Bruno Madier - TESFRI - Groupe TESSON, France

It became clear to me a year ago that Axigen had good products and outstanding people. From account managers to customer services and to technical support, your people are all superior. You are one of the very few companies in the world that can provide such excellent services. I hope this continues.

Henry Liu - Vista Technologies Inc., USA

From Axigen itself to the service you've offered us from the very beginning, it has all been excellent. The product is beautiful and by now the service too. Again, thank you very much for everything.

Alfredo Alvarado - Magic Transport Inc, Puerto Rico

We are hosting 7 branches with almost 400 users in the automotive sector. The Axigen solution has replaced our old mail and groupware infrastructure consisting of Exim4, SpamAssassin, ClamAV and in a
hassle-free way. This includes the migration of various large IMAP accounts.

The configuration is widely self-explanatory and has the opportunity to project most of the common constellations right out of the box, though it has the flexibility to set up even very complex infrastructures of course. Our IT compartment is saving a lot of time in managing the accounts because of the functional and intelligent way of building user groups and their proper rules. Once setup, adding and modifying users is a 1-minute job.

The possibility to get a easy to read, chart-based overview of the server load and storage helps a lot in planning resources, bandwidth and prioritization. The archiving of the complete mail traffic, which is required by law in Germany, can be done with Open Source software like MailArchiva due to the Axigen AXIMilter interface.

The support is superb in every way. The response time on technical questions is surpassingly fast, improvement suggestions are always welcome and (what is NOT self-evident) became in fact implemented in the updates.

The user-interface of the WebMail module and the Outlook connector were instantly accepted by our clients. They are working with the tools from day one without the usual 'I-want-my-old-software-back' complains, and this says it all.

Last but not least, a word about the pricing, which is quite moderate for sure, particularly compared to other groupware solutions.

Uwe Eischens - Bach Holding AG, Germany

Congratulations, Axigen Mail Server deserves A+! It is really easy to install and configure, it has a complex, but intuitive, user-friendly administration interface, and a remarkable performance including a low memory footprint and high processing speed.

Axigen definitely provides and even surpasses the level of excellence set by your previous RAV antivirus technology. Once again, congratulations to your entire team, to all that have contributed to the development of the Axigen software.

Florin Giurgiuman, Romania

Your technical support is first-rate! I will certainly be happy to recommend your product to other developers / site builders, even on the basis of your superb technical support alone. The server is really easy to administer with the WebAdmin panel.

Kerwin Holmankus, Canada

We consider the Axigen Mail Server the best possible solution for the Linux platform. With groupware and collaboration features now enabled, we are greatly improving our internal work-flow, using features not available all together in any other product. The stability of the product, combined with the robust Linux platform, makes the Axigen Mail Server extremely reliable; one of the few products that can run really unattended for months.

The technical support team deserves special credit for making our transition from the previous version seamless and for answering to all our questions instantly. Such a level of technical support is indicative of an excellent, well-designed product and of a company really caring for their client’s satisfaction.

Iason Konstantinidis - Helintec SA, Greece

Before Axigen, KnightWorks Hosting used several different open source email solutions. When issues arose, we would spend valuable time searching for answers on the Internet.

Many of our corporate clients were used to expensive Microsoft Exchange Server systems, and we are now able to fulfill their needs. Axigen offers similar capabilities at lower overall pricing, and this combined with the stability of Linux and clustering allows us to provide highly available email systems that business today requires.

The support we get from Axigen is the best we have experienced in the software business.

Mike Towery - KnightWorks Consulting Inc, USA

Axigen has an extremely flexible configuration system. So far, the system has been able to accomplish every task we have handed it. The product appears to be evolving at an amazing pace. I can’t wait to see what future versions contain.

We have been very impressed with the level of detail provided in the filtering and auto-responder features. In numerous cases we’ve found the environment gives you the power of a detailed script without having to do any of the scripting yourself.

The smooth transition from our old email system was a pleasant surprise as well. The fact that their product seamlessly 'dropped' into our current Linux based infrastructure so smoothly was a real plus. Overall, we are very pleased with Axigen and feel that their tech support has been extremely responsive to our needs and questions.

We would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants an enterprise class mail system, but does not want the hassle, price tag or Windows server environment required by Exchange.

James Gill - RT Logic, USA

We felt Communigate Pro was equal to AXIGEN in terms of performance and scalability, but its cost of ownership was much higher. As a result, we selected AXIGEN and purchased it on an unlimited license basis. AXIGEN is very stable and fast. Moreover, its licensing options perfectly meet our requirements as provider of free email services with web-based access for more than 4 million users.

Hussam Khoury -, Jordan

AXIGEN is a secure and powerful mail server. It has got the security and stability of a UNIX system and the ease of administration of Windows.

Axigen supports several antivirus applications which prevent the risk of contagious emails. Moreover, establishing spam filters is a very simple operation. Axigen uses the DomainKeys technology, first introduced by Yahoo, by which e-mails are signed with a digital key that helps indicate that the server and mail are from your domain and not from another (SPAM) mail server. In addition, the support for SPF (IP validation) and DNR make this mail server complete.

When using Sendmail in combination with an IMAP-server (Dovecot, for example) the risk of storage overloads is very high. As compared to this, Axigen's database stores the data more efficiently. As a result, the response time is very fast. Also, the support for IMAP/POP3 over SSL or TLS makes Axigen even more secure.

The possibility of sharing folders and agendas with other users, now available in Axigen v6.0, is a big step forward and a good reason to switch over to Axigen. Until now, this functionality was in fact only offered by large and more expensive software such as MS Exchange and Lotus Notes.

Just to mention, setting up and managing the Axigen Mail Server is very simple. Everything is web-based and browser independent. Furthermore, the Axigen backup (by means of FTP) is fast and safe.

Therefore, if you are looking for a complete mail server with the functionalities of MS Exchange or Lotus Notes, but with the stability of Linux, Axigen is the mail server for you.

Paul Andrik, Netherlands

Our company had been using all sorts of email servers to host our customers’ mail. We have gone through qmail, Sendmail, Exchange servers and Bynari servers. We have come to the conclusion that the Axigen server is the best of the breed product. It is very easy to install, configure and start email flowing.

I have been very impressed with how easy it was to migrate the customers over from our Exchange servers. At the increasing cost of the Exchange servers, we need something that would withstand the increasing amount of customers and customer email data without killing the bank account. We have put the Axigen servers through real life testing and the product has room to spare. We are very excited to see all the new features in the next version. Our plan is to move all existing customers from our Exchange server to the Axigen server by the end of this month. I have recommended the product to many other resellers, providers and will continue to do so.

Axigen support staff have been able to help me with my various issues at all hours of the day and night. They were extremely helpful for me, setting up all of the special adjustments that my customers needed. I appreciate all the help and special attention that the customer support line has given me. Again, thank you and keep up the great service.

James Travis Szarka - ebackup Inc, Canada

This software fills all our needs as a small business. We have reliable email service, with no spam or viruses, and the ability to manage our own systems. The Outlook Connector provides us flexibility in offering shared calendar solutions for our company.

David Carwile - AVW Technologies Inc, USA

I've been working with your product for almost a month and it works great. I've been using the 1 server and 5 email accounts version, and the support has been great. Thanks a lot for your kind assistance.

Juan Carlos Velandia - Nemo Estudio, Colombia

I had been searching on the Internet for an easy and manageable mailserver that would meet the requirements of a small company mainly running Linux. Last year, I found Axigen Mail Server and installed its free version. I have been using it up to now, when I am upgrading to v.5 to get the new functionalities and stay safe for the future. I haven't had any problems at all with the installation or daily operations with Axigen.

Michael Petersen - Borelli og Keldlarsens Anpartsselskab, Denmark

AXIGEN makes the rock solid UNIX mail an easily deployable solution for whatever size your company is and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking to host their own mailing system.

Technical Support, free for the first year...*Technical Support from AXIGEN is simply EXCELLENT* The e-mails I received on my queries were clear and concise, told me exactly what I wanted to know. They can even replicate your system on their test rig to give the absolute best solution to your query! Brilliant!

Once installed, why would you use anything else? You want a summary, need a mail system? Look no further than AXIGEN, you won't be disappointed.

David Gray - CESS Ltd., United Kingdom

I have installed and am running the Axigen Mail Server. After a few configuration and sending mail issues which were sorted out very quickly and professionally by your support team and excellent reading material on your form, all is working as it should. Thanks.

Mark Everall - TjornsData, Sweden

This is by far the best support I have ever had on any application in the past 18 years of computing. I have never been helped so fast, so accurate and as friendly as with Axigen. Even when I was still using a free start-up version of Axigen (for private use) the support was great and fast. This was the reason for me to start using the Axigen Business edition and I intent to advise anyone to start using it.

Henk Walraven - Luminext, Netherlands

I believe that the Axigen Mail Server is a real superior product - the web interface is outstanding, the configuration options endless, very powerful, hence I think some of the documentation needs to be more of a guide book, than "if you check this, it's on' - I made that comment in a posting. This would take some load off of your excellent support team and keep them focused on hard core enterprise solutions, that's where the real money sits!

Wolfgang Kaml, USA

Thanks for the time on this. Some other companies should follow your lead in tech support. Well done!

Len Cossette, USA

I am in the business since year 2000 and this is the fastest I have ever seen, and the product also seems lightning fast.
Please do forward this part of my e-mail, or this e-mail to your manager, as I believe he would be happy to hear how customers are satisfied by a 'customer support' department working that fast. [This has nothing to do with the problem being originated from my Outlook Express]

Thanks again for the great support!

Erdem Uygar -, Turkey

I would further like to add that not once has my mail server been down or off line. If there was any problem, it was sorted out quickly with your help.

Hardip Chana, Kenya

No doubt, Axigen Mail Server is powerful, secure, easy to configure, easy to run, and with a few commands, I have ONLINE my own mail server. In half an hour of 'digging' I decided that Axigen is the best product for my needs.

Andrei Craciun - Liga Studentilor din Facultatea de Mecanica Timisoara, Romania

I gave AXIGEN a try and was impressed by how easy and quick it was to get up and running. Also impressive was the large number of distributions they package for, including Gentoo!

Scott Rippee -, USA

I have recently started my own internet business. In order to keep the initial setup costs low, I chose a Linux server, with an open source webserver, database and mailserver.

My initial thought was to try and deploy Postfix. I tried to get Postfix to work, which was very difficult even to get the basics to work. I had found a good book on Postfix, but even with the book I couldn't get it to work. Even if I could get Postfix to work, I also had to install a virus scanner and a spam filter. And all this had to work nicely together with Postfix. This seemed like a daunting task so I looked for an easier solution.

So I did a search on the internet and the first product that appeared was Axigen. But wait, it isn't free! Or is it? Yes, there was a free edition of Axigen available, so I decided to try it out. The installation was a breeze, one command and some initial configurations and you are up and running. Launch the web-based admin module and you can start configuring Axigen.

Setting up multiple domains, with several users and disabling unwanted services is very easy and painless. I have had some minor problems with Axigen to get it to work the way I wanted it. But after contacting the support service, I was able to overcome them very quickly.

The support service is really awesome, the best I have ever experienced from any company. You get an answer within the hour, even when you are a non-paying customer. I even got replies in weekends in the middle of the night. Really amazing! Conclusion: Axigen is a secure, fast and reliable mailserver with amazing support and I love using it.

Nick Snels - Jobaria, Belgium

AXIGEN is, in my opinion, the best commercial, integrated mail solution for *unixes. The *current* version is fully featured and seems to be very secure compared to alike solutions. I think a Windows version would seriously challenge the dominance of such programs as MailEnable and MDaemon.

Neil Kettle -, United Kingdom
More Results

Switching from a remote hosting provider to AXIGEN Mail Server installed locally proved to be a success for our company. We can now see significant improvements: easier administration, reduced external traffic and remote access to email via Web mail.

Bogdan Nicolae - More Results, Romania

Axigen is one of the easiest, flexible and most dependable mail servers on the market. It is by far the most outstanding product of its kind I have seen! Let me say, the latest version of Axigen is a "Dream Come True."

Dwayne Dirk - Custom Security Systems, USA

Without a doubt, Axigen Mail Server 2.x is strong, powerful and secure, my experience with Axigen Mail Server 2.x gone away of my imagination, easy to configure, easy to run, and just one click puff I have my own Mail server running in seconds. Axigen Mail Server 2.x comes with a nice user interface and improvement technology.

Joe Nolasco, USA
Falconer Technologies

I was looking for a lab that would easily explain how to setup and configure a Linux mail server. Axigen was the easiest and most powerful that I came across. I have also suggested it to customers that want an alternative to their M/S Exchange servers.

Tony Godfrey - Falconer Technologies, USA

The 75 000 messages waiting to be sent and the high server load were often resulting in server downtime. Now, thanks to AXIGEN innovative architecture and effective filtering system, we no longer have to deal with this kind of situations

Alina Nemes -, Romania

Independent Reviews

Linux User & Developer - Axigen Messaging 7.6.1 review

Linux User & Developer - Axigen Messaging 7.6.1 review

Axigen offers an impressive array of groupware features not previously seen in a Linux product. With Outlook-compatible calendars, IMAP, POP3 and webmail clients [...], it may well offer administrators a way to switch away from Microsoft’s ubiquitous Exchange platform in the enterprise.

Published on April 20, 2011

MSWHS - Axigen Mail Server (Office Edition) Review

MSWHS - Axigen Mail Server (Office Edition) Review

I have made no attempt to hide the fact I love Axigen Mail Server; it is a great product, easy to use and feature rich [...]. Overall a great piece of software, one that I absolutely love and would definitely recommend.

Published on April 16, 2010

Linux Journal - Axigen Mail Server

Linux Journal - Axigen Mail Server

Axigen provides a professional e-mail server with Web interfaces for both administration and user mail. With Axigen, you'll have your e-mail server up and running in minutes, not days. [...] If you're looking for a full-featured, easy-to-install, easy-to-use e-mail setup that won't break the bank, read on. [...] Give Axigen a look.

Published on February 12, 2010

Hakin9 - Axigen Mail Server For Windows: Flexible possibilities for the enterprise

Hakin9 - Axigen Mail Server For Windows: Flexible possibilities for the   enterprise

The Axigen Mail Server performance is outstanding. The installation is clear, concise and allows you to get up and running with a minimum of fuss. [It] ships with intuitive defaults, [...] the web interfaces are well thought out, [...] the license model makes sense too and it’s affordable. The ROI model ends up being very compelling.

Published on January 22, 2010

Linux+ – Axigen Mail Server 7.2.0

Linux+ – Axigen Mail Server 7.2.0

All in all, Axigen is a very nice email server, easy to install, easy to configure and manage and easy to use. The web interfaces are very pleasing on the eye. Comparing to other solutions, it is well worth the money investing in this as your email server solution.

Published on January 01, 2010

Getting Started With Axigen Mail Server

Getting Started With Axigen Mail Server

Overall, Axigen looks like a good, easy-to-use option if you want a full-featured email server for your business. The webmail setup is useful to offer as an alternative mail access to users. It's straightforward to administer, and it too is full featured, with comprehensive access control [...] Well worth a trial run if you need the offered features.

Published on October 21, 2009

AXIGEN Mail Server: A professional e-mail solution for any company

AXIGEN Mail Server: A professional e-mail solution for any company

Fast installation and configuration, quick understanding of all the functions under a very clean and efficient Webadmin interface and a plethora of settings that can be tweaked are some of AXIGEN Mail Server's strong points. Add those to stability, almost unbeatable security and great overall performance and you get this high-class mail server solution.

Published on February 12, 2009

AXIGEN v6 - a 1-2-3 approach to setting up a fully-functional mail server on Linux

AXIGEN v6 - a 1-2-3 approach to setting up a fully-functional mail server on Linux

This reasonably priced mail server software is an all-in-one solution offering POP, SMTP and IMAP services, a skinnable and customizable webmail interface, a list server, multiple antivirus and antispam tools, groupware and collaboration [...] The whole solution can be deployed in under an hour! [...] If you are not sure which mail software you should use for your business needs, make sure you check out AXIGEN version 6!

Published on February 02, 2009

Linux Format - AXIGEN 6.0

Linux Format - AXIGEN 6.0

Ever wanted to set up a mail server on Linux but been frightened off by arcane commands and config files? Chris Brown investigates a pain-free alternative: Axigen 6.0, an all-in-one mail server solution featuring point-and-click administration.

Published on June 26, 2008

TecChannel - Exchange Competitors: Axigen 6.0.1 & Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

TecChannel - Exchange Competitors: Axigen 6.0.1 & Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

Axigen has nowadays made a name for itself in the Groupware World. Users associate with this name simple installation, easy administration and, most of all, support for many platforms. While the competing product Scalix officially supports only Red Hat, Fedora and SUSE, with Axigen the system administrator has significantly more options. [...] If needing a cost-effective, easy to use groupware solution, you will not be disappointed by Axigen Mail Server v6.

Published on June 12, 2008

ComputerWorld - The Demo: Mail Server can be accessed over Internet

ComputerWorld - The Demo: Mail Server can be accessed over Internet

The Enterprise Edition includes groupware, personal organizer software and public folders. It lets workers share contacts, delegate tasks and check to see whether colleagues are available. It also lets administrators set up different classes of accounts.

Published on May 20, 2008

PC-WELT – Exchange Replacement for Linux

PC-WELT – Exchange Replacement for Linux

Microsoft Exchange may have set the standard, but this popular mail server does not have the monopoly. We hereby present to you the Linux-based Axigen Mail Server.

Published on May 09, 2008

PC Pro - Axigen Mail Server 6

PC Pro - Axigen Mail Server 6

Verdict: A capable and scalable mail server that's easy to set up and use.
Axigen's mail server provides all the features you could expect and would function equally well as an internal mail server or as a public server. Its webmail facility with its improved collaborative features could be a very effective alternative to Microsoft's Outlook, which makes it even more attractive.

Published on March 18, 2008

Linux+ - Axigen Mail Server 4.0.2

Linux+ - Axigen Mail Server 4.0.2

Axigen Mail Server is a very nice, simple, easy to use solution, without having to spend too much money.  It is simple to administer, the webmail interface is very nice indeed. [...] The documentation is good, clear and concise. The quick install guide does exactly what it says it does. [...] I feel Axigen is definitely worthy of a look.

Published on January 14, 2008

TecChannel - Exchange Replacement for Linux

TecChannel - Exchange Replacement for Linux

Axigen Mail Server 4.0 is a solid messaging solution, with a fast and easy installation. No extensive command line knowledge is necessary, since the system administrator can manage almost everything through the WebAdmin interface. The user manual is professional, comprehensive and well-illustrated.

Published on November 26, 2007

ServerWatch - Axigen, A Fresh Approach for Mail Server Admins

ServerWatch - Axigen, A Fresh Approach for Mail Server Admins

Axigen Mail Server delivers a comprehensive, turnkey mail server in a DIY world. With one software install, Axigen promises to provide a fully integrated, centrally managed server with support for core mail services plus groupware and collaborative services like calendaring, tasks and Outlook support.

Published on July 07, 2007

PC Pro - AXIGEN Mail Server Review

PC Pro - AXIGEN Mail Server Review

[Axigen's ] management interface, which uses a web browser, can operate both locally and remotely. Although simple to use, it provides access to all aspects of the software's operation and allows the administrator to fine-tune the configuration to suit individual requirements. Customisable performance graphs are available for most aspects of the system's operation, and the system has extensive logging options that can be configured as required.

Axigen's software is a comprehensive and scalable product that's well worth consideration by any organisation looking to operate its own mail server.

Published on June 06, 2007

Linux Magazine - Easy configuration mail server

Linux Magazine - Easy configuration mail server

If you ask us which of the test candidates was our favourite, we would have to go for the AXIGEN Mail Server. [...] If you are looking for a good mail server with excellent WebMail support, you will be very happy with the AXIGEN Server.

Published on August 08, 2006

ServerWatch - Axigen Mail Server, A breath of Fresh Air

ServerWatch - Axigen Mail Server, A breath of Fresh Air

Often, Linux and other Unix-like operating systems are touted for the wide range of freely distributable, open source software available, particularly servers. AXIGEN Mail Server delivers a twist on the usual Unix server scenario. The commercial mail server promises turnkey advantages over open source solutions.

Published on August 08, 2006