Chart Parameters

Axigen Documentation

The "Charts" → "Chart Parameters" page allows you to specify the parameters relative to a new or an already defined chart.

General Settings

Use the options under the "General Settings" section in order to configure the parameters relative to the "Chart Group" and "Chart Name".

Use the drop-down menu on the right side of the "Chart Group" option in order to specify the name of the group within which the new chart will be created. Choose one of the already defined charts or use the "Custom group" option. The latter option will allow you to create a new chart group and fill in its name in the accompanying text-box on the right.

Data Collection

Use the options under the "Data Collection" section in order to specify the start date and the end date for the respective chart, which also defines the relevance interval for the collected data.

The export options include a summary, CSV data, and XML data.