Cluster Management Software

Axigen Documentation

Axigen has been tested and is officially supported in a clustered three-tier solution with the following Cluster Management software:

  • Red Hat Cluster Suite

  • Windows Server Failover Cluster

  • Veritas / Symantec Cluster Server

Red Hat Cluster Suite

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is licensed on a per-host model, so a license is required for each node in the cluster (for both the back-end and the front-end). Each node in the back-end tier requires the High Availability Add-On for Red Hat Enterprise Linux license.

CentOS is a free Linux distribution alternative with community driven support, built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux published sources. While it only offers community support, it also provides all the official Red Hat products, rebranded as CentOS, but using the same code base. This includes the Cluster Suite, needed for the back-end tier nodes, which is re-compiled from the very same sources as the Red Hat Cluster Suite.

Specific documentation is present for Axigen deployment in the load balancer and front-end tiers, as well as for the back-end tier.