Clustering: Email Filtering

Axigen Documentation

E-mail filtering requires additional software or hardware resources added to the standard solution, and is generally performed on the Axigen nodes from the front-end tier.

AntiVirus / AntiSpam

Axigen supports a wide range of anti-virus and anti-spam products. Additionally, the SMTP service supports connecting via the standard Milter interface, thus supporting most of the world class anti-virus and anti-spam vendors, both commercial and free.

Starting with version X5, Axigen includes a higher level integration with Bitdefender AntiMalware and AntiSpam, allowing the administrator to configure the filtering options via the WebAdmin or CLI interfaces.


Axigen provides archiving capabilities through integration with third-party dedicated solutions (software or hardware).

MailArchiva is an e-mail archiving software developed by Stimulus Software, compatible with Axigen via the SMTP Milter interface, available in two editions:

  • Open Source Edition – it is a free and limited edition, with no commercial support included, only community support available (online resources, like forums and knowledge base)

  • Enterprise Edition – it contains more advanced features than the Open Source Edition and also includes commercial support

Archiving is also possible through dedicated hardware appliances. An appliance provider for this purpose is Arcmail.