Configuring Global Access Control

Axigen Documentation

The "Security & Filtering" → "Global Access Control" tab allows you to configure the parameters relative to the global access control such as access restrictions and others.

Use the options in this section to configure the IP/IP Ranges for which all services are to be denied access. To edit the details of an already set IP/IP Range hit its corresponding "Edit" button, to delete it click its respective "Delete" button.

Should you like to add a IP/IP Range hit the "Add IP/Range" button, select one of the available options: Network/Mask, IP Range or Single IP and fill in its corresponding details in the displayed text box, then hit the "Quick Add" button.

From the drop-down box, select:

  • Network / Mask if you wish to allow unauthenticated relay for a certain subnet (for example: Network:; Mask:

  • IP Range if you wish to allow unauthenticated relay for certain IP ranges (for example: From:; To:

  • Single IP if you wish to allow unauthenticated relay only for a certain IP (for example:

Global Access Restrictions will be automatically applied to all the services and their respective listeners. You can also set individual permissions for each service and each existing listener from the specific service configuration sections found under the "Services" tab.

When you are done configuring these parameters, remember to click the "Save Configuration" button to preserve your changes.