Configuring LDAP Sync for a Domain

Axigen Documentation

By enabling LDAP Synchronization, all users in the domain will be synchronized with entries in an LDAP server through the selected LDAP connector. In order to enable this option, at least one LDAP connector must exist.

If a large number of accounts exist in the domain or if a large number of LDAP entries (to be synchronized) exist in LDAP before the activation of this option, a lengthy synchronization process will commence.

If automatic migration is enabled for a domain, the LDAP synchronization cannot be enabled for the same domain. You will be presented with the "You cannot activate LDAP sync on this domain while automigration is still active!" error.

This behavior is meant to ensure that while Axigen is automatically creating accounts (as part of the automatic migration process) no synchronizing (creating / modifying) accounts from / to a LDAP server will be allowed.