Configuring the Domain Settings

Axigen Documentation

In the "Settings" section, you can edit the name or IP of the domain you are currently editing or creating by changing the corresponding text fields.

The "Assigned IP" parameter will allow domain selection for incoming messages that have a receiver address in the form of <account_name>@[<IP_address>].

The "Include this domain's accounts in the public address book" option allows you to control which users can view domain contacts from the Postmaster account for servers which have the Groupware add-on.

To have the domain included in the WebMail interface domain selection list (in WebMail's login page), check the respective option.

The default language and default time zone used at account creation can be selected from the corresponding drop down lists.

Changing the default time zone and default language parameters will only affect accounts that are created after the change and not the accounts that already exist at the time the modification is made.

To make it easier for users to identify the people whom the emails are originating from, the sender's avatar is displayed, for each email, in the top right corner of the mail item view. By default, Axigen builds a placeholder by concatenating the sender's initials. If the sender is an Axigen user and has a photo added to her profile, the contact photo will be displayed instead. For external senders, a Gravatar image is used instead of the contact photo.