Configuring the Log Service

Axigen Documentation

The "Logging" → "Log Server Settings" page allows you to configure parameters relative to this specific service's configuration, to add listeners and further manage and define logging parameters.

Listeners and Control Rules


Currently, UDP listeners are only available for the Logging service, the only Axigen UDP Service. A list of the already configured listeners (if any) will be displayed, sorted by their IP addresses (lowest first). They are used to specify the socket to listen to for connecting to the Log service. To enable/disable any of the existing listeners just click on the corresponding button under "Status". To edit/delete any of them hit the corresponding "Edit" or "Delete" buttons under "Actions".

To define a new listener, use the "Add Listener" button and fill in the text boxes with the IP address and port details.. The default value for this parameter is

Should you like the new listener to have the "Enabled" status, check the box in front of the Enable this listener option. To finalize the adding of the new listener click on "Quick Add".

Control Rules

Please consult the Listeners and Control Rules section.

Service Configuration

Logging Settings

To set the "Log Level", click the slider and move it to the left or to the right. The selected types of messages will change color from gray to blue. Please note that the log level values are cumulative (i.e. setting the log level to "Informational Messages" will also log Critical messages, Error messages, and Warning Messages).

Log files can be stored using your internal log files, your system's log files or within the log files located on a remote system. Use the "Log" drop-down menu to select where to have your log files saved.

When you are done configuring these parameters, remember to click the "Save Configuration" button to preserve your changes.