General Server Options

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There is a configurable "Server name" parameter which is used in LDAP synchronization for clustered setups as the mailHost field.

In the "Primary Domain" text field, the domain currently set as primary is displayed. Use this field to change it to another existing domain.

The "SSL Random File" text field is used to specify the path to the file with random seed data, used first by the SSL library to seed the random number generator.


Default timezone, languages, and date and time options available in this section to allow you to control, at server level, how these attributes are set for newly created domains.

Changing the default timezone and default language parameters will only affect domains that are created after the change and not the domains that already exist at the time the modification is made.

For more information, see how to configure the default localization settings


This section allows you to set the default WebMail and WebAdmin branding elements that will be used for all domains. These settings can be overridden at domain level, should you need specific branding for some or all of your domains.

See how to configure the default branding 

Axigen Object Search

The "Axigen Object Search" section allows you to obtain information about the existing accounts, mailing lists, groups or public folders for which the search string matches any of their possible names (full email address or domain).

When you are done configuring these parameters, remember to click the "Save Configuration" button to preserve your changes.