Managing Accounts

Axigen Documentation

When first accessing the "Manage Accounts" tab a list of existing domains is displayed. To be able to manage the accounts first select one of the existing domains.

After selecting a certain domain, the list of previously created accounts is displayed. To run a search for a specific account use the "Account Search" field.

Account Operations

To edit an existing account use its corresponding "Edit" button, to delete it hit the Delete button. In order to create a new account, hit the "Add Account" button.

The domain you are creating the account in is displayed in the "Domain name" field if you have already selected a certain domain. If you press the "Add Account" button prior to the domain selection you will have to type the desired domain. Specify a name for the account you are creating in the "Account Name" text field. Type a password of choice in the "Account password" text field or click the "Set Random" button to select a random password combination. When using this button the randomly assigned password is displayed under it.

The account type can also be modified after the account creation via the "Manage Accounts" → click "Edit" for the desired account → "General" tab.

If you are done configuring the account hit the "Quick Add" button. Alternatively, should you prefer to further fine tune it click the "Advanced Config" link. This link and the "Edit" button corresponding to an already created account gives access to six configuration pages:

  • General;

  • Contact information;

  • Account Aliases;

  • Quotas and Restrictions;

  • WebMail Options;

  • Message Filters;

  • Send / Receive Restrictions.