Managing Administrative Groups

Axigen Documentation

The "Administration Rights" → "Administrative Groups" tab allows you to create administrative groups and further define their attributes and specific permissions.

Administrative Groups List 

When first accessing this tab a list of the already defined administrative groups is displayed.

Groups are listed in alphabetical order to ease the search and editing of a specific group. To edit / delete an existing administrative group use the "Edit" and "Delete" options available under "Actions", on the right hand side of the group in question.

Adding an Administrative Group


To define a new administrative group, hit the "Add administrative group" button, then fill in the group name and display name in the corresponding text boxes. Use the "Quick Add" option to save the details directly or click on "Advanced config" to further tune it: choose its membership hierarchy and assign the permissions you want the group to have.

Whether editing an already defined administrative group or trying to create a new one you will make use of the same options available in three sub-pages called "General", "Membership", and "Permissions".