Managing Administrative Users

Axigen Documentation

The "Administration Rights" → "Administrative Users" tab enables you to configure the parameters relative to administrative users.

Administrative Users List

When first accessing the "Administrative Users" tab a list of the already defined administrative users is displayed, in alphabetical order to ease the search of a specific user. Should you like to edit or delete any of the existing administrative users hit the "Edit" and/or "Delete" buttons corresponding to the users in question.

Adding a new Administrative User

Should you like to add a new user click the "Add administrative user" option and fill in the available text-boxes with the requested information: Administrative username, Password and Display name - as depicted in the image above.

Set a password manually by simply entering the desired password combination in the Password text box or hit the "Set Random" button in order for Axigen to automatically assign a password to the configured administrative user. The automatically generated password will also be displayed for informative purposes.

Should you like to add the new administrative user with the newly-configured details click on the Quick Add button, to further fine tune its parameters hit the "Advanced Config" option. You will then be able to access three new pages: General, Membership and Permissions. The same three pages will also appear when editing an already existing administrative user by hitting the above mentioned "Edit" button.