Managing Domains

Axigen Documentation

When first entering the "Manage Domains" tab, a list of the previously defined domains is displayed.

If you have defined a large number of domains, you can quickly locate a certain one using the "Domain Search" option. The domain list is filtered as you type.

Domain Operations

To edit an already defined domain, hit the "Edit" button on the right side of its name. To enable/disable a domain, hit the corresponding "Enable" or "Disable" button. You cannot disable a Primary Domain.

To delete a domain, hit its respective "Delete" button. You cannot delete an enabled domain. In order to change the primary domain, click the corresponding button for the domain you want to set as primary.

Add a new domain by hitting the "Add Domain" button displayed in the upper right corner of the domains list.

In the "New domain" floating panel, type the domain name and select the Postmaster password. You can also let Axigen pick a random Postmaster password by clicking the "Set random" button. The chosen password will be displayed below the field for your reference.

By selecting the "Subdomain of" option, you can create subdomains to the already existing domains. This option is unavailable if no domains have been created yet.

By clicking the "Show Storage Location Details" button you can customize the domain and object storage locations, as well as define multiple message storage locations with predefined sizes and number of files.

You have the possibility, in conformity with your license, to choose here if your newly created domain will support groupware features or not, by checking/unchecking "enable groupware support".

Press the "Quick Add" button to create the domain using the default settings or click the "Advanced Config" link to further configure it.