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Axigen Documentation

When accessing the WebAdmin interface you will be presented with the Dashboard page which displays a notifications area containing license related information, server summary, containing the server version, administrative permission, running services and enabled anti-virus/anti-spam filters information. In the middle part of this section the "View license info" link provides direct access to the "WebAdmin" > "General Settings" > "License Information" and the "Check for updates" link redirects you to the "Download" section from our website, where the latest Axigen packages are available for download.

You will also find a list of quick links for some of the most commonly used WebAdmin configuration pages, grouped under three main sections: Domains & Accounts, Server Maintenance and Services & Security.

The "Dashboard" page can be accessed at a later time from any context of the WebAdmin interface, by clicking the "Dashboard" button or the "Home" button, both found in the top-right section of the WebAdmin interface.