Viewing & Configuring Premium Accounts

Axigen Administration via WebAdmin

The total number of users included in your Axigen license is split between basic users and premium users.

The "Premium Accounts" page gives you an overview of your premium users (accounts who have the right to access the premium add-ons in your license) and allows you to reserve or clear add-on seats in your license.

The "Info" section gives you a brief information about the usage of the add-ons included in your license. It shows how many seats are available and how many are used for each add-on.

The following add-ons are available:

  • Personal Organizer - corresponding to Calendar / Tasks / Notes / Journal access;
  • Sharing - allows the user to share his folders or open another user's folders;
  • Outlook Connector - allows access to the account data while using an Outlook Axiolk profile;
  • Active Sync - allows the synchronization of emails, contacts and Calendar / Tasks data via a mobile ActiveSync client;
  • Kaspersky AntiVirus - this add-on allows you to protect your users with the Kaspersky AntiVirus filter;
  • Kaspersky AntiSpam - this add-on allows you to protect your users with the Kaspersky AntiSpam filter;
  • Image Analyzer - this add-on allows you to protect your users with the Image Analynizer filter;

In the "Premium Accounts" section, activate an add-on for one or more premium users to allow them to access that add-on. If you want to restrict a user's access to an add-on, deactivate the add-on for that user. Both the activation and deactivation operations can be performed by clicking the corresponding "Configure" button.

 You can grant users the right to use specific add-ons from their account (or inherited account class) configuration. If you grant this right to more users than specified in the license, the first users who logs in will have access.

Additionally, for a premium user to be able to use a specific add-on, you should also make sure you enable that add-on from it's account configuration.

You can also use the "Premium Accounts Search" box to filter the displayed accounts list.

Licenses generated before Axigen v7.4 will be marked as "Legacy" (see the "License Information" tab) and you will not have the basic / premium accounts type split. However, even if you have such a license, you can still use this section to control the your users' rights to access specific add-ons, as well as obtain information about the usage of the add-ons in your license.