Viewing the Queue

Axigen Documentation

The "Queue" → "View Queue" tab allows you to view the email processing queue with extensive information relative to the emails in the queue.

Queue View

When first accessing this tab, a list of emails in the queue is displayed. Email filtering options include searching the queued emails depending on their sender, receiver, email size, sending date, retry data, status. Next "Retry" field has the following format: dd mmm yyyy (e.g. 21 Jan 1970).

Use the drop-down menus and text boxes to specify the filtering parameters, then hit the "Go" button to activate them. As a result all emails meeting the specified criteria will be displayed.

To view all emails in the queue again or set different filters, click the "Reset Filter" button and then fill in your new searching criteria.

Detailed Message Information

For details related to a specific email in the queue, hit the Info button on the right hand of the email in question and check the fields of the displayed text box.

Actions to Be Taken for Selected Items

Several actions can be applied to a specific email or number of emails. These include retrying their delivery on the spot, deleting them or sending NDRs (non-delivery receipts) for the selected items.

Clicking the "Force Queue" button will result in forcing the delivery of all emails in the queue no matter their retry schedules.