Axigen 7.0 Beta New Features

Built in Support for Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync®

Mobility Services for Medium and Large Scale Solutions Handling business operations is now easier when using Axigen 7.0's newly built-in Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® support for mobile devices. The Push email technology and synchronization of Contacts/Calendar/Tasks provides road-warriors with instant access to mission critical information such as messages, contacts or appointments. No matter where business takes them, they can increase productivity by keeping in touch with co-workers, customers and partners or staying abreast of the latest changes and trends in their line of work.

The Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® feature will be available as an add-on for Axigen once the commercial version 7.0 is released. Testing it will only be possible for commercial registered customers, on request.

  • Allows mobile devices synchronization
  • Features:
    • Push-email
    • Contacts synchronization
    • Calendar/Tasks synchronization
    • Public Address Book Search
    • Out-of-office configuration
  • Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® device support for:
    • Nokia Symbian (E Series, N Series)
    • iPhone
    • Windows Mobile (Smartphone, PocketPC)

LDAP & Active Directory Synchronization

LDAP Integration
With Axigen version 7.0 Beta, service providers have a simpler, yet more effective way to centrally manage and retrieve customer account settings and perform operations such as adding new services, deploying centralized security policies and much more. For enterprises, the Active Directory Management Console integration provides increased manageability of domain accounts and control over group membership, reducing time and costs associated with administrative operations.
  • LDAP Integration
    • ActiveDirectory
    • OpenLDAP
  • Accounts and groups synchronization
  • 2-Way synchronization
    • Account/Group creation/deletion
    • Account configuration
    • Group membership
  • Active Directory User Management Console integration
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