File System Access

Axigen Administration via WebAdmin

Preparation (or fix for 'Cannot create FUSE mount point' error)

On a Linux File System, because the Axigen process runs under a non-root user (axigen), there are two prerequisites that have to be executed only once by the system administrator:

  1. Create a directory/folder that the axigen user owns
  2. configure FUSE (in /etc/fuse.conf) to allow non-root users to specify the allow_other or allow_root mount options.

For the first step, the following two commands have to be executed as root in the OS console:

  • mkdir -p /mnt/axigen
  • chown axigen:axigen /mnt/axigen

You can choose to select another folder than the one suggested above (/mnt/axigen). 

For the second step, you need to edit the /etc/fuse.conf file and uncomment the user_allow_other setting. 

In case your Linux system does not have the fuse components installed, follow the following detailed steps:


File System Access

"File System Access" allows back-up and restore processes through file system mounts.

Tutorials on how to access the Axigen domain storage via FUSE can be found in our related articles:

FUSE mount point

In the "Mount Object" quick add interface the following elements appear:

  • the mount point option;
  • the mount scope option.

The mount scope type drop-down contains the options:

  • Domain (default): select this option to mount the entire domain
  • Object: select this option to mount only an account by specifying the email address
  • Public Folder: select this option to mount a public folder by specifying the public folder's path and the domain containing the public folder
  • Folder: select this option to mount an account's folder by specifying the email address of the account and the folder's path