Axigen with Linux-HA and DRBD – Example Configuration

Axigen Documentation

Operating System

Although DRBD and Linux-HA is supported on many Linux flavors, this document may refer particularly to commands and instructions specific to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS. Also, this document may be extended in the future to include specific instructions for other Linux flavors supported by Axigen.

Please check this document for information relevant to installation and configuration on CentOS 7.

IPs and DNS

The two nodes which will be part of the cluster have the following IP addresses and DNS registered hostnames:

  •, eth0/

  •, eth0/

The active node in the cluster will have a floating IP address assigned,, registered in the DNS with the name


Each node has been configured with a partition, accessible as /dev/sda5, which will hold the entire Axigen data directory on an ext3 file system. These partitions are being synchronized with DRBD.

Fence Device

The nodes are handled by an APC power switch, available at the address The fenceadm user will be used for power cycling the nodes, if considered necessary by the Linux-HA/heartbeat suite.