Axigen with Linux-HA and DRBD – Heartbeat

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The Heartbeat project from had multiple development stages:

  1. Heartbeat 1.x (Legacy), with all the components integrated in the same package and a very simplistic configuration style (v1), allowing only two nodes to be clustered at the same time and lacking of resource monitoring.

  2. Heartbeat 2.x (CRM), with all the components integrated, including a CRM (cluster resource manager) component, up until version 2.1.4. The configuration file was based on XML, with few administrative GUI tools, raising the complexity of configuring the cluster.

  3. Heartbeat 3.x (Pacemaker), with all the main components having their own development cycle, with different versions, and including a command line administration interface. The CRM component was split off into a separate project called Pacemaker.

Although this guide refers to all the configuration styles, we recommend using the latest v3 style, due to older versions being currently unsupported. Also, the latest versions are well documented, both on Linux-HA and ClusterLabs sites.

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