Cluster Testing and Operation Procedures

Axigen Documentation

Before using this new platform in production you should became familiar with some basic operations that are described below.

Moving Resources

You can move Axigen resource to a specific node by using the following command:

Letting back the cluster to decide where to run the resources can be performed like:

Stopping the Axigen Process

If you need to install a new binary patch, or there are scheduled some other maintenance operations, you may need to stop only Axigen process, without stopping other cluster resources.

This could be done by disabling the Axigen resource:

Checking the cluster status you will see that Axigen resource has been stopped:

When you are ready to start Axigen you have to use the following command:

Removing Resources

If you need to remove a specific resource from the cluster configuration, you can use the pcs resource command line, in the following order:

Deal with Failed Resources

There are some moments when one or more resources are reported by pcs as FAILED. Despite resolving the problem(s) the resources remain in this status and could not be started.

Below you have such an example, when Axigen was stopped forcibly due to expiration of the stop-timeout timer (maximum time to wait for a child process to stop, default set to 30 seconds).

In order to re-enable the failed resource you have to issue the following command:

Afterwards check the output of pcs status and ensure that the "Failed Actions" section is not listed any more.

If the section is missing you could continue and enable the resource.

Fencing Tests

If you like to test if the fencing is working OK you could simulate a freezing cluster process on the node on which the resources are running (let's assume that all resources are now on node1):

The other node will detect the lack of communication with the node where we have stopped the cluster services and will decide to fence it.

Please remember that after the node is restarted (APC PDU will power-off and power-on that particular machine) you should start cluster services in order to bring the node back into the cluster (otherwise the node will be seen offline).

If you like now to manually fence the other node you have to run the following command: