Axigen Indexes

Advanced Configuration of Axigen

For search and sort operations Axigen builds and maintains a set of indexes.

These indexes are used by various Axigen services (WebMail, IMAP) and are created and updated for each mailbox that exists within a domain. A number of SortIndex and SearchIndex jobs run on the Axigen server at a given time, each managing the updates for one mailbox at a time.

Monitoring the progress of index jobs

The SortIndex and SearchIndex jobs log their progress using a logger called "JOBLOG".

Here's a typical progress report for a SortIndex job running on a mailbox called "Calendar":

2019-10-08 10:31:20 +0300 16 host JOBLOG:1D000216: >> SortIndex[2D] index loaded from snapshot 00000315:00000343; start update (read: 18(22) of 49(65) KB in 0(0) msec; write: 1(5) of 0(0) KB in 0(0) msec)
2019-10-08 10:31:20 +0300 16 host JOBLOG:1D000216: >> SortIndex[2D] update finished (0 seconds; read: 18(22) of 49(65) KB in 0(0) msec; write: 1(5) of 0(0) KB in 0(0) msec) - 0 changes processed; update snapshot: 00000315:00000343

Inspecting the status of a given index

A set of CLI commands allow an Axigen admin to inspect the status of a given index:

<domain-account#> SHOW SearchIndexInformation folder Calendar
The search-index information:
  Size of search-index data:                       464 KB
  Number of messages:                              127
  Number of canonized messages:                    127
  Total size of messages data:                     264 KB
  Total size of canonic data:                       49 KB
+OK: command successful

In Axigen indexes are volatile, meaning that Axigen is able to recompute a missing index if needed.

Indexes can be forcibly rebuilt using an operation called "PURGE":

<domain-account#> PURGE disposableMetadata searchIndexes folder Calendar

Purging disposable meta data for folder: Calendar

+OK: command successful

Note: some Axigen services depend on the availability of indexes (e.g. a user cannot login in WebMail if SortIndexes for the INBOX folder are not already built).

This means that purging a set of indexes may result in temporary outages for various Axigen services; these outages automatically clear themselves once indexes have finished rebuilding.