Advanced Configuration of Axigen

The limits and specifications from below must be taken into consideration at all times.


  • maximum attribute name length: 64
  • maximum attribute value length: 8192
  • all time attributes (timeouts and time intervals) are specified in seconds
  • all data sizes are specified in KB


  • empty lines are ignored
  • a hash character ("#") introduces a comment to the end of the line
  • any block inside /* ... */ is treated as comment
  • values cannot be continued across new lines
  • values containing spaces or "#" must be quoted using double quotes
  • double quotes can be escaped using a blackslash ("\")
  • sets of values are declared inside round parentheses ()
  • an object or sets of objects are declared inside brackets {}
  • attribute names are case-insensitive
  • an attribute definition is of form: attributeName = attributeValue

Attribute values:

  • simple value with the following base types:
    • UINT - unsigned integer
    • STRING - case insensitive string, may be quoted using double quotes
    • CS_STRING - case sensitive string, may be quoted using double quotes
    • IP - a IPv4 address in decimal numbers-and-dots format, i.e.:
    • IP_SET - a set for IPv4 addresses specified in one of the following ways:
      1. IP interval
      2. IP address/IP mask
      3. IP address/IP mask size
    • IP_PORT - a IPv4 address in decimal numbers-and-dots format followed by a ":" char and a decimal port number, i.e.:
    • CHOICE - a single STRING from a specified set of STRINGs, i.e.: "yes" from ("yes" "no") set
    • CHOICE-SET - means a subset of STRINGs from the specified set of STRINGs; the subset must be specified between round parentheses ()
  • set of simple values, a set of base type values except CHOICE and CHOICE-SET, specified between round parentheses ()
  • objects, an orderless enumeration of attribute definitions inclosed by brackets {}
  • objects set, a set of objects inclosed by round parentheses ()

Some attributes have DEFAULT values (specified below) which are used when the respective attributes are missing from configuration file. If a REQUIRED attribute is omitted from an object this will make the server to ignore the respective object.