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Increased Brute-Force Attack Protection Using Axigen’s RdpGuard Integration For Windows

Aug 31, 2020  •  2 min. read

Learn how to enable the RdpGuard integration in Axigen for brute-force attack protection on Windows.

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7 Tactics To Avoid Becoming A Source Of Spam

Aug 26, 2020  •  2 min. read

Do you want to ensure your emails are not eliminated by spam filters? Find out how you can avoid your mail server becoming a source of spam.

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How To Increase Brute-Force Attack Protection Using Axigen’s Fail2Ban Linux Integration

Aug 17, 2020  •  3 min. read

Learn how to enable the Fail2Ban Linux integration in Axigen for brute-force attack protection.

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How to Increase Email Security With Axigen And Graylog

Aug 10, 2020  •  5 min. read

How one IT Manager used Axigen and Graylog to quickly identify a foreign IP that had gained access to a mailbox, preventing email security issues.

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Automatic Migration In Axigen X3 Update 2: Keeping The Existing IMAP Subscribed Folders

Jul 29, 2020  •  1 min. read

Axigen’s Automatic Migration feature enables you to migrate emails while keeping your old configuration intact. Here’s how it works.

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Advanced WebMail Skinning in Axigen X3 Update 2: Re-implementing Webmail Styling Using SCSS

Jul 22, 2020  •  4 min. read

We’ve changed our webmail styling implementation to make the process easier. Here’s what you need to know about webmail skinning in Axigen X3 Update 2.

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