AACL Context

Axigen Documentation

The commands available for the AACL context are:

  • EXIT/QUIT – exits CLI and closes connection to Axigen

  • HELP – prints this help message

  • BACK – cancels any changes made and switches back to the previous context

  • DONE – switches back to the previous context

  • LIST resources – lists all availablee resources

  • LIST admin-groups – lists all available admin groups

  • LIST admin-users – lists all available admin users

  • LIST server-principals – lists all available server principals

  • LIST domain-principals [domain] <name> – lists all available domain principals (per specific domain)

  • PURGE resources – purge all resources

  • ADD admin-group [name] <name> – adds a new admin group (changes context)

  • UPDATE admin-group [name] <name> – updates an admin group (changes context)

  • REMOVE admin-group [name] <name> [forced] – removes an admin group

  • SHOW admin-group [name] <name> – shows admin group

  • ADD admin-user [name] <name> password <password> – add a new admin user (changes context)

  • UPDATE admin-user [name] <name> – update an admin user (changes context)

  • REMOVE admin-user [name] <name> – remove an admin user

  • SHOW admin-user [name] <name> – show admin user