Filters Context – Subcontext of account|accountClass

Axigen Documentation

The commands available for the Filters context are:

  • EXIT/QUIT – exits CLI and closes connection to Axigen

  • HELP – prints this help message

  • BACK – cancels any changes made and switches back to the previous context

  • DONE – saves the changes and switches back to previous context

  • SHOW [ATTR <param>] – shows information about this context

  • LIST ScriptFilters – lists the script filters defined

  • LIST ActiveFilters – lists the active filters

  • LIST Filters – lists all three categories of filters

  • ADD ScriptFilter [name] <name> file <file>} – adds a script filter (changes context)

  • UPDATE ScriptFilter [name] <name> – updates a script filter (changes context)

  • REMOVE ScriptFilter [name] <name> – removes a script filter from the list

  • SHOW ScriptFilter [name] <name> [ATTR <param>] – shows the given script filter

  • ADD ActiveFilter [priority] <no.> filterName <name> filterType <type> – adds an active filter to the active filter list (changes context)

  • UPDATE ActiveFilter [priority] <no.> – updates a filter (changes context)

  • REMOVE ActiveFilter [priority] <no.> – removes a filter from the active filter list

  • SHOW ActiveFilter [priority] <no.> [ATTR <param>] – shows the given filter

  • RESET – Inherit filters