Processing context

Axigen Administration via CLI

The commands available for the Processing context are:

  • EXIT/QUIT - exits CLI and closes connection to Axigen
  • HELP - prints this help message
  • BACK - cancels any changes made and switches back to the previous context
  • COMMIT - commits the changes made in this context
  • SHOW [ATTR <param>] - shows information about this context
  • SAVE Config - saves the server's running configuration
  • START Service - starts the processing service
  • STOP Service - stops the processing service
  • SET [maxSchedInterval <maxInterval>] - sets the max. interval for rescheduling a mail
  • SET [schedInterval <interval>] - sets the interval for rescheduling queue checking
  • SET [maxRetryCount <count>] - sets the max. no. of times for trying to deliver
  • SET [queuePath <path>] - sets the path to internal server queue
  • SET [queueEntryCount <count>] - sets the upper limit for no. of sub-directories in queue
  • SET [deliveryThreads <threads>] - sets the no. of threads handling SMTP delivery
  • SET [filteringThreads <threads>] - sets the no. of threads handling message filtering
  • SET [logLevel <level>] - sets the service's logging level
  • SET [logType <type>] - sets the service's logging type
  • SET [logHost <host>] - sets the service's remote logging host
  • SET [procQueueSize <size>] - sets the size of internal processing queue
  • SET [messagesPerSecond <no>] - sets the maximum number of messages a mail box can receive in one second
  • SET [disableInterval <no>] - sets the time interval a mail box will be disabled if messagesPerSecond limit is exceeded
  • SHOW Statistics - shows processing statistical information
  • RESET - resets the service to the currently active configuration