Report context

Axigen Administration via CLI

The commands available for the Report context are:

  • EXIT/QUIT - exits CLI and closes connection to Axigen
  • HELP - prints this help message
  • BACK - cancels any changes made and switches back to the previous context
  • COMMIT - commits the changes made in this context
  • SHOW [ATTR <param>] - shows information about this context
  • SAVE Config - saves the server's running configuration
  • LIST Listeners - lists available listeners
  • LIST SNMPTrapDestinations - lists available SNMP trap destinations
  • START Service - starts the report service
  • STOP Service - stops the report service
  • SET [logLevel <level>] - sets the service's logging level
  • SET [logType <type>] - sets the service's logging type
  • SET [logHost <host>] - sets the service's remote logging host
  • SET [SNMPEnable <yes - enables/disables the snmp module
  • SET [SNMPSentTrapsToAllManagers <yes|no>] - enables/disables sending traps to all managers (including managers not added from configuration)
  • SET [SNMPCommunity <string>] - sets the SNMP Community string
  • ADD Listener [address] <address> - adds a listener to the service (changes context)
  • UPDATE Listener [address] <address> - updates a listener from the service (changes context)
  • REMOVE Listener [address] <address> - removes a listener from the service
  • SHOW Listener [address] <address> [ATTR <param>] - shows the given listener
  • ADD SNMPTrapDestination <address> - adds a SNMP trap destination to the service
  • REMOVE SNMPTrapDestination <address> - removes a SNMP trap destination from the service
  • RESET - resets the service to the currently active configuration