Account Context

Axigen Documentation

The commands available for the Account context are:

  • EXIT/QUIT – exits CLI and closes connection to Axigen

  • HELP – prints this help message

  • BACK – cancels any changes made and switches back to the previous context

  • COMMIT – commits the changes made in this context

  • SHOW [ATTR <param>] – shows information about this context

  • LIST Aliases – lists aliases for current account

  • SET [name <name>] – sets the account's name - only usable in an UPDATE operation

  • SET [password <password> [respectEnforcement <yes|no>]] – sets password for the account, optionally respecting current enforcement rules

  • SET [customerReference <string>] – sets the customer reference for use with external billing like systems

  • CONFIG WebMailData – enters the WebMailData context

  • CONFIG Filters – enters the filters context

  • CONFIG Quotas – enters the quota context

  • CONFIG Limits – enters the limits context

  • CONFIG SendRecvRestrictions – enters the send/recv restrictions context

  • CONFIG ContactInfo – enters the contact information context

  • CONFIG WebMailAdvertising – enters the WebMail advertising context

  • ADD Alias <aliasName> – adds an alias for the account

  • REMOVE Alias <aliasName> – removes an alias from the account

  • SHOW RegistryInformation – shows registry information

  • UPLOAD wmFilter – uploads a WebMail filter for the account

  • INHERIT SETTINGS FROM domainDefaults – inherit settings from domain defaults (explicit values will not be reset)

  • INHERIT SETTINGS FROM accountClass <accountClassName> – inherit settings from specified account class (explicit values will not be reset)