Troubleshooting CLI

Axigen Documentation

If you cannot connect to CLI, please check if:

  • You have enabled the CLI service (open the Server → Services Management page in WebAdmin, CLI is enabled in the "Running Services" area);

  • You have correctly configured the CLI listener (the list with the listeners currently defined in Axigen can be found in the CLI Tab → Listeners section in WebAdmin; check if your listener is enabled);

  • By default the CLI listener is set to, which means that only connections from localhost are possible. If you want to connect from a remote host you can set this listener to, which means that the CLI service will listen for connections on all the available interfaces;

  • You’re connecting using the correct username: for the current version, please use the "admin" username and the password you have previously configured using the wizard;

  • You should also check your firewall settings to allow connections on the port specified for the CLI service.