Special Commands-Storage context

Axigen Administration via CLI

This context allows several operations with the Axigen Storage System. The storage system, is composed of Message Containers, where messages for a certain domain are kept.

The operations available are LIST containers, CHECK container, COMPACT container, LOCK container and UNLOCK container.

The LIST container command takes as parameter the domain name and lists all message containers available for that domain.

The LOCK / UNLOCK container commands, as their names suggest, lock and unlock the container given as parameter, meaning respectively that messages can or cannot be stored. These commands are useful when a snapshot of the container needs to be saved.

The CHECK container command, starts a check on the structure of a certain container. After a check is started, the status can be seen by issuing the LIST containers command.

The COMPACT container command, will start a defragmentation of the specified container and, similarly to CHECK, issuing the LIST command will show the status of the container.

The optional parameter priority, if set to "high", will increase the speed of that operation but the container will be unavailable to any service, even for reading. The default value is "low".